Canadian Pine Pollen Co. Lodgepole Tincture (100 mL)

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About Canadian Pine Pollen Co. Lodgepole Tincture (100 mL)

Ingredients: 100% Wild CANADIAN PINE POLLEN, Wild harvested Pinus contorta pine pollen unique alcohol-glycerol double extract 1:6. (100 ml - 3.38 Fl.oz.)


Pine pollen is surprisingly delicious, having a mild, dry, and subtle piney taste and smell. This versatile forest-sourced superfood lends itself well to many drinks and recipes. Our pollen can be mixed into elixirs, smoothies, cocktails, oatmeal, yogurt, tea, or coffee, and adds a creamy texture alongside a nutrient-rich boost of vitamins, minerals, and phytoandrogens.

For the hardcore who take it straight, we recommend mixing raw pine pollen powder with a small amount of water, then holding that in the mouth/under the tongue for at least one minute. This gives your body the best chance of absorbing all the delicate phytoandrogens present in the pine pollen.

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