Optimum Nutrition Tribulus 625 mg (100 Capsules)

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About Optimum Nutrition Tribulus 625 mg (100 Capsules)

This product contains Aspartic Acid, Glycine, L-Arginine, L-Methionine, and Orotic Acid. Supplement facts show that each capsule contains 625mg of Tribulus Terrestris Powder, the standard dosage per capsule.

Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 tablets one time daily with food or before training. For best results, take 8 to 10 weeks at full serving size (4 capsules) two times daily with meals.

Caution: Do not exceed four capsules daily. Women should not use this product. This product contains an ingredient that some sports agencies may ban. Do not take if you are nursing, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant. Keep out of reach of children and store in a cool, dry place with lid tightly closed. If you have any known medical conditions consult your physician before using this supplement.

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