Creamy Avocado Macaroni Salad | Vegan and Gluten Free

When it comes to comfort food, nothing quite measures up to a satisfying bowl of macaroni. But in all of its creamy goodness, macaroni is usually full of ingredients that many people’s digestive systems are sensitive to, such as dairy and gluten. That’s not to mention the additives and food colorings found in boxed macaroni that are toxic to the nervous system, such as tartrazine, or yellow dye #5. Gluten is a protein that’s been linked to digestive distress because it can be hard for the body to break down. This can cause inflammation in your digestive tract, as well as the onset of symptoms such as gas, abdominal cramping and bloating. If you’re sensitive to gluten, you may also feel tired and sluggish after you eat it.

That being said, National Macaroni Day is on July 7. And at the Vitasave headquarters, we believe every international food day should be celebrated in the most delicious and healthiest way possible. So, we’re sharing a healthy twist on macaroni that provides the same delicious, creamy texture, but without the undesirable ingredients. Instead, this macaroni recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free and full of vitamin and mineral rich ingredients that will help you feel your best. This creamy avocado macaroni salad is loaded with energizing nutrients such as B vitamins and fiber, as well as brain-boosting healthy fats from the avocado and extra virgin olive oil. Being full of plenty of essential nutrients, this dish makes the perfect summer side dish for the health conscious person— but tastes so good it could fool the traditional macaroni salad fans.

Now, for the recipe...

Creamy Avocado Macaroni Salad Recipe (Serves 4)

1 pack brown rice elbow macaroni, boiled and cooled
2 avocados, pitted
1-2 tbsp unsweetened nut milk
1 tsp Simply Organic organic mustard
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp chili flakes
1 bell pepper (any color), diced 2 celery stalks, chopped ⅔ cup grated carrot Pinch sea salt
Black pepper to taste  


1. For the sauce: Place avocado in a food processor or blender and combine with nut milk, organic mustard, extra virgin olive oil, chili flakes, sea salt and black pepper. 2. Blend all ingredients until smooth and add a few extra splashes of nut milk until you’ve reached your desired consistency. Adjust seasoning as desired. 2. Combine veggies and pasta in a bowl and mix in creamy avocado sauce until noodles are thoroughly coated. 3. Refrigerate for approximately 30 minutes, or until the avocado sauce has thickened. 4. Serve chilled and enjoy!

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