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NOW L-Citrulline 750 mg (90 VCaps)
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ALLMAX Essentials Citrulline Malate 2:1 (300 g)
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NOW L-Citrulline Pure (113 g)
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NOW Arginine & Citrulline (120 VCaps)
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L-citrulline plays a crucial role in the urea cycle, a metabolic pathway that converts toxic ammonia into urea for elimination. During this process, L-citrulline is converted into another amino acid called L-arginine, which is then converted into nitric oxide.

The chemical called Nitric oxide is a compound that acts as a vasodilator, meaning it relaxes and widens blood vessels. By enhancing nitric oxide production and vasodilation, L-citrulline supports improved blood flow to various tissues and organs and can lower blood pressure, potentially benefiting overall cardiovascular health and exercise performance.

Taking L-citrulline as a dietary supplement on a daily basis can be beneficial for some individuals, particularly those looking to support cardiovascular health, improve exercise performance, or address specific health concerns. The decision to take L-citrulline daily should be based on your individual health status, goals, and needs.

Consulting with a healthcare professional or nutritionist can help determine if L-citrulline dietary supplements align with your specific circumstances.

While L-citrulline supplementation has been associated with certain benefits, such as increased growth hormone (GH) levels after exercise and improved erections in men with erectile dysfunction due to increased blood flow, there is no direct evidence to suggest that it increases testosterone levels.

Bodybuilders may take L-citrulline as a dietary supplement to optimize workout performance and benefit overall fitness by delaying muscle fatigue during intense workouts, relieving muscle soreness, improving recovery after training sessions, and indirectly increasing strength gains over time.