Defining a Superprotein with Canprev

Demanding more from protein powders

Gone are the days when large tubs of whey satisfy us.
Plant proteins are gaining popularity fast and for good reason. They are most commonly derived from pea, rice, soy, and hemp plants. Used to supplement a healthy diet, they are often combined together with the aim to round out nutritional benefits. Statistics have shown that plant-based proteins are not only good for our health but also the health of our planet. We know that by reducing our consumption of animal-based foods and switching to more plant-based fuel, we save more resources like water, and reduce harmful carbon emissions. And, these days, Canadians are responsibly and progressively demanding
more of their protein sources.

But, is it possible to consume plant-based protein - with all the nutritious elements of whey - and be conscious of the planet too?

It is, actually. Finding a single-source protein that’s complete with all 9 essential amino acids, and that is sustainably sourced, is now possible.

Aquatein Vegan Superprotein - sustainably aqua-farmed


Aquatein is a highly digestible, nutrient-dense, aquatic plant protein. Its unique harvesting practices make it one of the most sustainably sourced proteins available today.

So how, exactly, is it harvested? Aquatein is sustainably cultivated from delicate floating duckweed plants. Duckweed plants are sometimes referred to as ‘water lentils’, but actually they are not from the lentil family at all.
These delicate plants are densely packed with protein and nutrition.
Cultivating Aquatein requires far fewer resources compared to other proteins. It’s produced on zero-waste, carbon-neutral hydroponic ponds. These low footprint, open ponds recycle 98% of their water and circulating nutrients. A truly amazing cultivation practice that is self-contained, leaving neighboring ecosystems untouched.

These aqua farms use only non-arable land, reducing the impact on our forests and soil. The whole plant is used, which means no waste and no byproducts. It’s also grown and harvested naturally, without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Aquatein’s sustainable cultivation practices allow it to be grown anywhere.

More than just a protein

Unlike other refined or processed proteins, Aquatein is minimally processed. Incredibly, these plants can be harvested and ground in just 20 minutes. It retains a rich palette of nutrients, including an extraordinary protein profile; all nine essential amino acids, plus vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and phytonutrients like chlorophyll and lutein.

Just one scoop of this rich, green, protein can increase your phytonutrient consumption (beta-carotenoids, chlorophyll and lutein) making this a protein ideal for health goals other than muscle recovery. In fact, its naturally occurring phytonutrients levels are likely to contribute to improved skin, immune function and vision health.

No more protein pairing needed?

A protein source is only as good as the amino acids it provides. And, Aquatein Vegan Superprotein does just that – this unique protein source delivers a fuller spectrum of branched-chain amino acids, with greater amounts of essential amino acids compared to any other plant protein. Comparable to whey in fact! No protein pairing is needed.

Green protein for a green tomorrow

With a rich nutritional profile and world-class eco-friendly harvesting methods, Aquatein truly is a nutritional food to be considered, not just for now, but for the future. A choice for satisfying nutritional needs to feel good about your health and your planet.




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