a Guide to Genuinely Healthy Greens

It isn't easy to nourish your body in today's toxic world; soil erosion, argricultural changes, environmental pollutants, pesticides and fertilizers... even the healthiest among us are at risk of developing nutritional gaps. On top of that, many of us are battling against the clock with busy schedules and work priorities, that we are forced into a 'grab n' go' habitual lifestyle. Unhealthy acid loads are rampant in our society due to a western diet heavy in acidic processed grains and meats and low in alkaline fruits and vegetables. When we consume too many acid forming foods, and not enough alkaline-forming foods, the body looks to its own ‘buffers’ (stored alkalizing minerals) to neutralize the acidic load. Keeping our pH regulated is a form of stress on our body, and a heavy acidic load, causes imbalances that can contribute to your lack of energy, excess weight problems, digestive issues and brittle hair, skin and nails. These unwanted symptoms are not a simple problem, but rather a complex issue, and these nutrient gaps, are often overlooked as a potential culprit.



Fortunately, Genuine Health have formulated a powerful greens supplement that contains a blend of 23 hand-selected ingredients that synergistically provide the phytonutrient protection and pH balancing that diet alone simply cannot:



Lecithin - Essential in every cell in the body – Acts as an emulsifier, helping to dissolve fats and cholesterol in the bloodstream.


Green tea - Extremely potent antioxidant – defends against oxidative damage and contributes to healthy bacterial colonies in the gut.



Alfalfa - highly alkalizing, and chlorophyll-packed! A renowned blood cleanser and oxygen transporter.



Royal Jelly - Effective immune booster - has anti-hypertensive properties and protects and helps in regenerating liver cells.


Organic Beet Root - Deep red, thanks to unique Betalain pigments. Provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support.


Bilberry Extract -  Packed with flavonoid antioxidants specifically protective of visual function and cardiovascular health.



Spirulina - The most nutrient-rich blue-green algae – a chlorophyll powerhouse! Naturally high in protein, essential fats and antioxidants.



Acerola Berries - The most potent natural source of vitamin C with a spectrum of natural bioflavonoids.




Organic Wheat Grass - Organic, and field grown. Highly alkalizing: a powerful blood purifier and cell-cleansing agent.



Atlantic Dulse -  This purple-red seaweed, is a rich source of rare minerals otherwise difficult to find in today’s diet and incredibly pH balancing.


Milk Thistle Extract - Possesses unique liver-cleansing and reparative properties as well as protective bioflavonoids and antioxidants.


Apple Fibre - Cleansing and balancing to the digestive tract – a natural source of fiber.



Organic Barley Grass - Very high in chlorophyll and a good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium and beta-carotene. It also contains seven times more Vitamin C than oranges!



Chlorella - Chlorophyll and nutrient-rich, a naturally, powerful detoxifier, comprised of 60% easily-digested protein.


Organic Soy Sprouts - Rich in protective compounds that quench free-radical damage and beneficial to cardiovascular, skeletal and cellular health.



Bacterial Cultures - 8 strains of beneficial bacteria that act in the body as a line of defense and facilitate digestion.



Bee Pollen - contains polyphenols, flavonoids has significant antioxidant activity, and enhances the body’s own potent antioxidants.



Chicory Root - A natural source of fiber and prebiotics to support digestion and promote a healthy gut environment.



Ginko Biloba - enhances the body’s utilization of oxygen and glucose and has a cleansing effect on the circulatory system.



Grape Extract - Full-spectrum red grape extract, inclusive of seeds and skin – provides a rich source of synergistic antioxidants.



Licorice Root - Supports adrenal glands and offers immune protection in times of stress.




Organic Whole Brown Rice Kernel - Gently “sweeps” the lining of the intestinal tract to eliminate dietary toxins.



Siberian Ginseng Root - immune supportive and facilitates detoxification of the body, helping the body ward off stress and balances the body’s energy.



Stevia Leaf Powder - Nature’s healthiest sweetener – naturally enhances flavours without disrupting blood sugar levels One scoop of greens+ daily ensures that you consume an entire range of powerful nutrients not only from fruits and veggies – but superfoods, sea vegetables and standardized herbs. The formula was inspired by the powerful benefits of a diet rich in colourful nutrient-dense foods, in a world that was increasingly turning to processed, packaged foods for sustenance.


Find the right Greens+ for you

Along with their Greens+ Original, Genuine Health offer 7 other unique greens+ skus including:

Vegan Greens+ O - formulated for those with food sensitivities/restrictions Greens+ Bone Builder - original formula with added bone building antioxidants Greens+ Extra Energy - original formula with added all-natural, energizing ingredients
Greens+ Daily Detox - original formula with added 2-stage gentle toxin detoxification
Greens+Healthy Skin - original formula with added skin-glowing nutrients Greens+ Multi - original formula with high potency multi vitamin and mineral formula
Greens+ Kids - formulated with kids digestive and immune health in mind

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