For Mindful Hydration - Go with Flow
The story of Flow Water began with a family’s artesian spring in the quiet woods of Bruce County Ontario, Canada. With the well-being of the planet and it's people in mind, Nicholas Reichenbach and his wife Tammy, started a conscious water company that considers sustainable kindness first, with values:
  • Protect the source.
  • Package only what the land naturally gives.
  • Pursue minimum impact.
  • Be a positive force
The Source
This family owned artesian spring water is sourced from our very own doorstep. Mother Nature provides and the water filters naturally through subsurfaces as it migrates to a limestone aquifer where it’s kept. Impurities exit along the way and nutritious minerals move in, making for great tasting and health promoting water.
Self-sustaining, self-replenishing by rain, Flow's source will always be protected and never drained. Water from deep within the spring is minimally treated for bacteria. No additives. No disruption. 100% highest and kindest quality possible.
What makes Flow Water alkaline? Limestone bedrock adds calcium carbonate to the water. An ion that acts as a buffer against acidic impacts. Per litre, Flow's mineral analysis is as follows: 73mg Calcium 29mg Magnesium 2mg Potassium 298mg Bicarbonate With an alkaline pH of 8.1, Flow water keeps the body's acid levels in line. This is particularly important, as most Western diets are very low in potassium and magnesium, but high in sodium and chloride. Over time, this can result in diet-induced, low-grade, chronic metabolic acidosis (the body is making too much acid or not getting rid of enough acid). High-sodium diets increase conditions that are linked to osteoporosis in women, while dietary potassium balances these effects. What's more, Flow Water has naturally occurring electrolytes, so you will stay better hydrated and recover faster. Packaging “There has to be a better way”, thought Flow founder Nicholas Reichenbach, while facing a heaping pile of plastic bottles after a wild weekend at a well-known festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. How we hydrate impacts people, community and nature and plastic waste continues to be a serious concern. He believed in the need to create something conscious and he did! Tetra Pak is a world leader in good packaging. They work with non-GMO farmers in Brazil to create kinder plant-based plastic caps derived from sugarcane, resulting in zero use of fossil fuels. Flow's complete packaging is 100% recyclable and made with up to 70% renewable material, majority of which is paperboard.

Paperboard's making process is incredibly ecologically efficient. It uses minimal fossil fuels and energy, sees a very low carbon footprint and considers high care for the planet, resulting in massive waste reduction. Yay!

By using aluminium to line the inside of the pack, Flow water remains protected against light and oxygen, ensuring freshness and nutritional content is preserved. Furthermore, Flow is made onsite from start to finish and they use just 2 trucks to transport 2 million packs. The packs are transported as mega rolls and assembled at the plant because it’s most efficient. Rolls require minimal vehicles on the road which cuts pollution, keeps fuel low, and helps emit the lowest CO2 footprint possible. So before you reach for that plastic bottle, don't. Just go with Flow.
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