New Food Trends to Watch Out for in 2020


New year, new foods!

With the new year come new trends in diets and food products for consumers to get their hands on. 

Over the years as consumers have become more health-conscious, their voting dollars have been influencing new offerings on the market such as vegan and plant-based options. 

So which foods should we expect to see taking over the market this year?

According to Whole Foods we are looking at the following new food trends in 2020: 

 Soy-free plant-based proteins

Though 2019 was definitely the year of plant-based burgers, with the success of the Beyond Meat burger taking over the fast-food scene, 2020 is going to be all about plant foods but without the soy. 

As many people are becoming more cautious around soy consumption but more inclined to eat plant-based, manufacturers have been developing alternative plant-based protein options. We'll be moving away from soy-based sauces and meat alternatives to some more creative ingredients. 

What can you expect to see? Grains, mung beans, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, golden chlorella, and even avocado are all in the works. We will see food creators bring more plant-based options to the scene creating alternative meat options to make vegan tacos, sausages, meatballs, chili and more.

Alternative sweeteners

Enjoy your treats without the guilt! 

As consumers become more aware of the ill effects of sugar and transition away from common sweeteners such as cane sugar and agave syrup, companies are getting the message to create products with healthier substitutes. Keep your eyes open for new treats using sweeteners like coconut sugar, monk fruit, sweet potato nectar, date syrup, and pomegranate sugar.

Whether you decide to bake yourself or buy store-bought, this means more options for all of you with a sweet tooth out there! 

Seed butters and spreads

Gone are the days where peanut butter was the main star of the show. Consumers palates have evolved far beyond the classic spread to more exotic butters such as pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, macadamia, chickpea and watermelon!

We have a feeling Instagram toasts are going to get a whole lot fancier this year. 

Alternative flours

We don't recommend including refined flours in your diet however there are much healthier alternatives, thankfully!

It's time to get more adventurous in the kitchen with some new baking ingredients coming your way so you can create delicious recipes from scratch. Not only that but you will also be able to find baked goods and chips using these healthier alternative flours in-store, for those of you who just don't have time to cook but still don't want to miss out.

Enter exotic fruit and vegetable flours such as cauliflower, seeds, banana, and tiger nut flours!

CBD infused foods and drinks

CBD isn't leaving the health & wellness scene anytime soon.

With the legalization of cannabis, Canada will be seeing a rise in products containing coming to the CBD market, which has already exploded in the States. And the industry is only expected to grow.

And as CBD has rapidly been gaining popularity for its various health benefits, it's no surprise it's coming now to our food. Cafes and restaurants will likely be offering drinks such as infusions, cocktails, coffee, teas, and beer as well as food items containing CBD in the upcoming months to follow this trend.  

West African Foods

West African dishes are gaining popularity in many restaurants and among chefs worldwide. Get ready for some flavor explosion with staple ingredients such as ginger, tomatoes, onions, chili peppers, and lemongrass. Not only are these tasty but also provide many nutritional benefits.

In addition, West African superfoods like moringa and tamarind will become more widespread. Moringa is a tending plant superfood that is rich in healthy antioxidants, vitamin C, and iron. In Western countries, moringa is mainly consumed in capsule or powder form whereas traditional societies use the leaves and pods in cooking. Tamarind is a tropical fruit that looks like a nut, used mainly for making sauces, desserts, and drinks. It provides important nutrients like magnesium, potassium, iron, and B vitamins.  

Meat Plant Blends

Not quite ready to go fully plant-based?

2020 will see the combination of animal products with vegetarian ingredients to account for the growing popularity of plant-based foods but also cater to those who are not fully vegan. The market has identified a trend of consuming more plant foods yet recognizes that most of us aren't willing to give up our animal products entirely just yet.

These new products will look at combining meat with vegetarian sources such as mushrooms and peas to form burgers and sausages with increased nutritional benefits such as higher fiber. 

This offers a more flexible approach to eating while also decreasing the overall consumption of animal products for health and sustainability reasons. 

Only time will tell if the meat-veggie combo will overtake classic animal proteins or not. 

Alcohol-free alternatives

As the general population becomes more health-conscious and aware of the ill effects of alcohol, consumption is forecasted to decline steadily with alternatives becoming more popular (1)

More low alcohol and alcohol-free drinks will be available to cater to the growing demand of being healthy while still enjoying a drink. People are starting to realize the impacts of alcohol on mental and physical health thus opting for other options. Alcohol-free beers, mocktails, and even spirits are all showing up on the market to provide a wider range of quality drinks to sip at during adult gatherings without waking up the next day with a hangover.  







Laurence Annez is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Health Coach, specializing in PCOS and women's hormones. She also holds a degree in Creative Writing and has extensive experience writing on health and wellness topics. Laurence's mission is to inspire and motivate individuals to take control of their own health and reach their ultimate health goals. 

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