Top 11 Healthy Homemade Halloween Snacks (Kid and Adult Friendly)

With Halloween comes ghosts, spiders, zombies and of course, sugary snacks. While Trick-or-Treating is too fun of an activity to be skipped, it can result in your little one (or you) eating a little too much refined sugar. As you may already know, refined sugar causes blood sugar level spikes and crashes, which can lead to irritability, energy crashes and moodiness. Furthermore, refined-sugar is an acid-forming food which means it contributes to creating the perfect environment in your body for illness and disease to thrive. So, why not skip some of the sugar this All Hallow’s Eve by making healthy swaps for the traditional sugar-laden snacks? Not only are these Halloween snack ideas healthy, but they’re also fun, easy to make and will put a smile on the face of anyone, at any age.

Here are our top picks from around the web for healthy homemade Halloween snacks.

1. Silly Apple Bites

These Silly Apple Bites are made from vitamin-rich ingredients such as green apples, sunflower seed butter, and strawberries. You can make your own googly eyes at home following the suggested recipe, or experiment with your own by using melted coconut oil, xylitol and non-dairy milk to form the whites of the eyes. A raisin or piece of black licorice could also be used as an eyeball.

Get the Recipe: Fork and Beans

2. Orange Jack O’ Lantern Fruit Bowls

These Jack O’ Lantern Fruit Bowls are the easiest way to delight anyone with a sweet, vitamin and mineral-rich treat without the negative effects of sugar. (And how cute are they!?) You can even customize your jack o’ lanterns to suit your taste buds, or with fruit that’s in season.

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3. Halloween Popcorn Hands

These Halloween Popcorn Hands are super easy to put together, and can be made in only a few seconds. All you need is some popped organic popcorn and a few of your favourite healthy treats. The recipe uses candy corn, but you can substitute the candy corn for dried fruit which is free from refined sugar. Get the

Recipe: Yummy Healthy Easy

4. Honeydew Bats  

It doesn’t get easier or healthier than this: all you need is a honeydew, and minor creativity skills to carve out bat slices.

Get the Recipe: Shaken Together Life

5. Frankenguac

Healthy fats have never been so scary (or delicious). This Frankenstein inspired guacamole is an easy and creative way to get more vitamins, minerals, fiber and monounsaturated fats into your diet— all of which are needed for a healthy body.

Get the Recipe: Taste of Home  

6. Banana Mummies

Banana mummies, aka: Potassium mummies are made from frozen bananas, cocoa butter and coconut sugar which are all whole-food ingredients that still taste sweet enough to be mistaken as unhealthy.

Get the Recipe: Flo and Grace

7. Shredded Chicken Jack O’ Lantern Peppers

Your little one may not go for rice, chicken and orange peppers as a treat on Halloween— unless they’re carved into Jack O’ Lanterns. These Shredded Chicken Jack O’ Lantern Peppers make the perfect healthy dinner any time you feel like getting into the Halloween spirit.

Get the Recipe: Everyday Jenny

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