Cultures For Health Kefir Starter (2.8 g)

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About Cultures For Health Kefir Starter (2.8 g)


Proprietary blend of selected strains of lactococci, lactobacilli, Leuconostoc, and Saccharomyces fragilis bacteria.

Suggested use:

One packet ( 1/2 teaspoon) to 4 cups of juice, milk, coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, or any milk substitutes. Kefir is like yogurt; it can be used to make a smoothie, ice cream or banana bread.


Store in a dark and dry place. It will keep for up to 12 months in the refrigerator or six months in the freezer.

Be sure to use by the expiration date on the label and never use an opened packet of kefir grains with added sugar, honey or coconut sugar. Sugar is not beneficial for Kefir and may slow down or halt fermentation. Sugar will feed undesirable organisms such as yeast instead of encouraging beneficial bacteria such as lactobacilli and Bifidus strains.


It may contain trace amounts of soy and milk. As with any cultured food, it is essential to monitor the taste of your Kefir for proper acidity and flavour. Each batch of grains is unique and may have a different flavour profile.

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