Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet - Unflavoured (237 mL)

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About Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet - Unflavoured (237 mL)

Suggested daily use for dogs 20-79 lbs. 20-39 lbs:
0.5 teaspoon (2.5 mL); 368 mg EPA/253 mg DHA/759 mg total omega-3s
40-59 lbs: 1.0 teaspoon (5.0 mL); 736 mg EPA/506 mg DHA/1518 mg total omega-3s
60-79 lbs: 1.5 teaspoons (7.5 mL); 1104 mg EPA/759 mg DHA/2277 mg total omega-3s
Do not exceed the suggested daily use without consulting your veterinarian.
Consult your veterinarian if your pet has a chronic illness or is on any medication before using this product. Inform your veterinarian that your pet is receiving this product before any anticipated surgery. Consult your veterinarian in cases of accidental ingestion. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

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