Homemade Lemonade with a Dark Twist!
When life gives you lemons, first add some collagen and a dose of activated charcoal, then make lemonade! Summer is on it's way and we are thirsty! But this isn't just any old lemonade recipe. We have combined the black magic of activated charcoal with the complete amino acid power of collagen to put this favourite summer thirst quencher in a whole new lemonade league of its own. Ingredients Ice cubes: 4 tbsp Organika Activated Charcoal Powder 2 cups of warm water Lemonade: 5 tbsp Organika Enhanced Collagen 3/4 cups of Honey 1 cup hot water 6 cups cold water 2 cups fresh lemon juice 2 - 3 lemons sliced, for garnish Fresh mint leaves, for garnish Directions: For the ice cubes, mix the activated charcoal powder with 2 cups of warm water and stir until completely blended. Pour into an ice cube tray and freeze for at least 8 hours or overnight. In a large pitcher, mix the enhanced collagen powder and honey into 1 cup of hot water and stir until the honey dissolves. Add lemon juice and cold water and mix thoroughly. Fill some chilled glasses with a few of the activated charcoal ice cubes. Pour over the lemonade and add sliced lemon and mint for garnish. Learn the benefits of adding collagen to your diet here, and for a little more black magic, check out these 3 natural beauty tricks!
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