Prepare, Perform, Recover with Progressive Sport Nutrition

All strong story lines have a beginning, middle and end, much like a good workout has a warm up, routine and cool down. Well now you can apply this same 3 dimensional philosophy to your performance with all new Progressive Sport. From the makers of VegeGreens, VegEssential and HCP Probiotics, Progressive Sport is designed with the athlete in mind. After 15 years of supporting Canadians in their health and wellness needs, Progressive have turned their attention to high performance goals. Prior to now, sport nutrition has focused on getting maximum results at any cost. Consumers wanted something fast and effective and many brands jumped in to help. They succeeded, but the result was a product full of artificial, health compromising ingredients. Next came the all natural, 'clean' products. While kinder to the body, they lacked potency and the limitations on ingredient options made these products difficult to deliver and therefore, not as effective. Now consumers can have the best of both. New scientific advancements mean natural health and high performance can finally unite. Take your health, your standards and your performance to a whole[some] new level, with Progressive Sport, ultra clean nutrition. Ultra Clean means:

  • No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.
  • All natural, non-GMO, sugar-free, gluten-free and kosher certified ingredients.
  • Health promoting nutrients for a strong body and mind, fuelling an unbeatable performance.

PREPARE Start Strong with Progressive Sport Pre-workout, formulated with 5 strategic, performance based blends to help you energize, endure and focus.

  • Lift off - Banish fatigue and infuse yourself with energy
  • Zero in - Focus on the tasks ahead without distraction
  • Distance - Push yourself further for longer by inceasing endurance
  • Rush - Feed your muscles the oxygen and nutrients they need to perform efficiently
  • Aid - absorb the ingredients to feel the benefits

Available in Strawberry Passionfruit or Cherry Lime Flavour.  WHEN TO TAKE Take BEFORE 30 minutes prior to your next workout, race or sporting event—no matter the time of day. It mixes up quickly and easily in water. PERFORM Reaching peak performance is one thing, staying there requires stamina and determination. From the moment you begin working, your energy stores start to drain. Your muscles burn and your body and mind are weakened from the buildup of cortisol. Stay strong with Progressive's Intra-workout, designed with 5 further strategic blends to help you stay fuelled, push your limits and quench your thirst.

  • Amino Up - a steady stream of BCAA's to protect and build lean muscle tissue
  • Quench - Leverage the power of coconut water with its natural hydration and electrolytes
  • Corti-ease - Limit your cortisol levels to prevent weakness in your mind and body
  • Defense - Antioxidants to help battle free radicals that form during intense activity, and protect your body from cellular damage.
  • Shuttle - The pathway needed for vital nutrients to enter the body and get results

Available in Pineapple Coconut or Watermelon Flavour WHEN TO TAKE Add DURING to water and sip while you workout, compete or play. RECOVER Thorough recovery is vital to build, mend and repair muscles more effectively. Give your body exactly what it needs to fight soreness and come back bigger, stronger and better in time to go again. Finish Stronger with Progressive's post workout blend, created to help you reload, repair and cool down. Optimise your recovery to keep all the progress you fought to earn.

  • Reload - Build lean muscle mass, restore immune function and accelerate recovery
  • Ease up - Rest and renew your state of mind for an even better recovery
  • A.T Peak - Cellular energy to feed muscular strength and get you ready for your next workout.
  • Re-min - Hydration, cellular balance and alkalinity help to ensure your body makes a quick return to your pre-activity state
  • Balance - For an all round recovery, supporting immune function and tissue formation
  • Escort - To aid absorption

Available in Orange Cream or Natural Flavour WHEN TO TAKE Take AFTER alone in water or added to your post-workout shake. In both cases, consume within 60 minutes of your workout, competition or game to help you fully recover. Protein Booster Stop buying multiple protein powders for every different occasion. Simply add AFTER (natural flavour) to your favourite protein to create a powerful post-workout recovery shake.  

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