Hormone Health with Lorna Vanderhaeghe

Women around the world should rejoice, we have a natural solution to our hormone problems! If you have been to a health food store in the last two decades you are most likely familiar with Lorna Vanderheaghe and her women-focused products.  Hormone imbalances used to be described as "normal" and would be brushed off with a prescription for an array of pharmaceuticals by your doctor. While we completely agree that in some situations, pharmaceuticals are necessary, we also know that getting to the root cause of these imbalances is equally important. It is also nice to know that we have the option to minimize the negative symptoms in a natural and effective way.

Two decades ago when Lorna was just starting her company, speaking about hormones outside of a doctors office was mostly unheard of. She dramatically changed the consciousness of people across North America by sharing her own history with hormonal imbalance and creating a line of products to help women everywhere.

These are our favorite products to help bring your hormones back into balance:

Estro Smart 

This formula is designed with you in mind. Living the way we do nowadays with all the pollution, preservatives in our food, and processed beauty creams, our bodies are constantly inundated with excess estrogen. Common symptoms of too much estrogen are belly fat, inability to lose weight, mood swings, PMS and more.  Estrosmart helps your body filter out the excess estrogen so you can come back to balance.

Meno Smart Plus

We are constantly asked how to help alleviate the symptoms associated with menopause. Menosmart is always on the top of our list because we are told by customers time and time again that it truly works.

Adrena Smart

Do you know what your adrenal glands are? They are tiny glands that sit on top of your kidneys. Responsible for regulating a number of hormones, it is important to keep your adrenals healthy throughout your life. If your adrenals are not in good shape you will find a number of hormonal imbalances will appear. Some symptoms of adrenal fatigue are: feeling tired but wired, unable to lose weight, mood swings, energy dips and more.

If you have questions about balancing your hormones, please visit Lorna's website: https://www.hormonehelp.com/ or contact one of our nutritionists.

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