Hydrating with Santevia Filtered Water

When you’re preparing to take your kids to a sports game, you go through your mental checklist: you’ve packed their jersey, plenty of snacks, and of course – a sports drink (perhaps a Gatorade?). While sports drinks might seem like the obvious choice at a hockey game or soccer tournament, it’s important to consider their ingredients, and how they actually impact our health. Sports drinks are marketed as the quintessential way of rehydrating after exercise. However, in most scenarios, sports drinks are not necessary, and water can more effectively rehydrate you and your children. Alkaline water has several advantages over sports drinks, and we’ve outlined them below.

Replacing Electrolytes

If you or your kids sweat while exercising or playing a sport, it’s possible that you’ve lost electrolytes. When you sweat, you lose important electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphate. Sports drinks are touted for their electrolyte contents, but we’re here to share a little secret - you can get many of these electrolytes naturally by drinking mineral water. Santevia Filters infuse your water with healthy minerals. With Santevia’s on-the-go Power Stick, not only are you consuming clean, alkaline water, you’re also drinking electrolytes that may have been lost during exercise.

Santevia Water Filters

Replacing Lost Fluids

Following exercise, one of our main priorities is to replace lost fluids. This is extremely important because it will prevent dehydration and fatigue. Even though sports drinks may taste better than regular tap water, they do not actually provide advantages in hydration. In fact, their high sugar content may be harming your health more than helping (we’ll touch on this more later). Clean water provides the same hydration properties as sports drinks. Even better, drinking alkaline water will keep your body at its optimal pH more effectively than sports drinks, which are more acidic. The Santevia Power Stick can be placed in any water bottle to reduce chlorine, and add alkalizing minerals.

Santevia Power Water Stick

Calorie Content

Many people advocate for sports drinks due to their high caloric content, which is beneficial following strenuous exercise. However, these calories are a result of high sugar content. Sports drinks contain just as much sugar as your average soda, such as Coke. Unfortunately, the sugar in your Gatorade or Powerade may actually delay the absorption of water in the body – meaning that it takes longer to get hydrated. Instead of a sugar-packed sports drink, opt for mineralized alkaline water and some orange slices to hydrate and deliver calories.

Instead of stocking up on sports drinks for post-exercise hydration, choose clean, mineralized alkaline water as a healthier alternative. Santevia offers a plethora of products that produce clean and mineralized water, including at home and on-the-go products. If you’re looking for something to bring with you to a sports games or even to the gym, invest in a box of convenient and reusable Power Pouches.

Santevia Power Pouch

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