Life of a Vitasave Intern

At Vitasave, we want to help students and young entrepreneurs by providing them hands-on experience that will ultimately help them to achieve their career goals. We aim to support and mentor our interns so that they can be successful. We are always looking for new students to join us as we reshape the Canadian natural health industry.

Read below to find out what our current interns’ have to say about their experience.

Sarah, Social Media Intern & Amreet, eCommerce Intern

What made you want to intern at Vitasave?


What really appealed to me when applying for the position with Vitasave is their mission of making natural health products accessible and affordable for everyone. One thing I love is that they strive to give everyone a chance to prioritize their health. They do this by selling the products they carry at a price 25-40% below retail market value.


I was looking for a unique internship, where I would get to apply the core concepts I learned throughout BCIT and learn something new. When I saw Vitasave was looking for an intern, I rushed to apply for the position. Vitasave is one of the leading natural health eCommerce businesses in Canada, I couldn’t pass this opportunity. I always had much interest in expanding my knowledge of eCommerce. Although I had some prior experience using Shopify, I wanted to learn more. But I was even more excited to learn about the largest eCommerce platform, Amazon.

What was your biggest takeaway from the internship?


When I first started I felt extremely nervous. I felt like I was going into a new industry completely blind even though I had been living and breathing marketing for the last two years in my program. It was like everything I had learned had gone out the window. I quickly realized not to be so hard on myself and that it is completely normal to feel like you know nothing when entering something new. Having the support of the marketing team and everyone else in the office to guide me and help me navigate new systems made it all that much easier to learn and grow.


Since the beginning of this internship, I would always worry and think “What if they don’t like my work?” “Is my work up to their standards?” I had low self-esteem. The reality is, I was completely ready for this internship, this is what BCIT prepared me for. My supervisors, Nick and Lester supported me throughout the internship. They always recognized my good work and motivated me to keep up the performance. Since then I have grown as a marketer and learnt to be confident about my work.

What was your favourite part of the internship at Vitasave?


My favourite part of the internship was being able to build new relationships with the people in the office. Within days of knowing them, they all made me feel like part of the Vitasave family - which made me never want to leave. Seeing how well everyone works together and the fun we all have at the same time makes coming in to work so enjoyably.


Vitasave’s team was my favourite part of this internship. It was extremely important to me to work at an office that has positive and open communication. Vitasave has just that, as my ideas and recommendations were being heard and taken into consideration. Another thing I loved about my experience was that my work was purpose-driven. Every task and assignment I did over the past 9 weeks has helped Vitasave’s eCommerce operations in some way, which makes me feel very fulfilled.

What professional skills have you developed from your internship?


After almost a decade in the service industry, this was a very big change for me. During my internship at Vitasave, I was able to develop professional skills such as expanding my creativity, adaptability, and problem-solving. I even overcame my fear of giving presentations during my internship. This was a huge sign of growth to me. I finally felt a lot of confidence when giving pitch presentations.


My experience at Vitasave has been very fruitful, thanks to the brilliant eCommerce team of Vitasave. It helped me strengthen my interpersonal skills, presentation skills, critical thinking, adaptability, and teamwork. I also gained experience in various online platforms and programs such as Shopify, Amazon, and Tradegecko.

Are you more interested in the natural health and wellness industry after your internship?


Definitely! I have always had a passion for natural health and wellness. Therefore, working at Vitasave has made it even more clear to me that this is something I could pursue as a career. I believe that in marketing if you are passionate and believe in the product(s) you are selling and working with, you will excel in the work that you do because you are even that much more invested.


A few years ago, I started my journey to better my health through nutrition and diet. I was tired of constant trips to the doctor’s office and started looking for alternate ways to improve my general well-being. That’s when I became interested in natural health and wellness. I researched more about the industry during my internship. I found a huge growth in the natural health and wellness sector over the past few years which was mainly caused by constantly increasing chronic diseases and conditions globally. People are increasingly becoming more concerned about their health, including myself.

So I definitely see myself working in this industry after the internship, not just because of the growth opportunities but also because I believe these products can help everyone.

Has this internship helped you clarify your career path and future professional goals?


Yes! I can honestly say that I have so much fun working with social media and I still have a lot to learn. However, I know that I love to be challenged in my work and I will be determined to continue to grow and do something that will challenge me even more once I have this area perfected. I would love to set more goals and work my way up into a managerial role at some point in my career!


It definitely has. eCommerce has been booming since the COVID-19 pandemic. It is increasingly becoming an important part of all businesses, opening a wide door of opportunities for me. I see my experience at Vitasave as a step into this world of eCommerce. From here on, I plan to grow further and develop expertise in this field.

Would you recommend future students looking for an internship to apply for an internship at Vitasave?


I would most definitely recommend Vitasave to any student looking for an internship position. I have learnt so many great things working alongside the marketing team. Entering a new office and a new industry can be extremely intimidating. However, there is nothing but kindness and constant support from this team to help you learn and grow along the way


I am glad I chose to complete my internship program at Vitasave and would definitely recommend future students to apply for this position. I got to learn beyond my academic curriculum and prepare for my career goals. I truly believe that working for a young company like Vitasave allows one to experience the dynamics of work in a challenging and rewarding way.

Tips for future interns

Tips for Future Interns

Internships can often be overwhelming and intimidating. Here are a few tips that Sarah and Amreet came up with that will help you excel in your internship:

Set Goals

Think about what you want to achieve out of this internship. It is always a good idea to talk about your interests to your supervisor. Besides that, you should find out what their expectations are from you. While some internships may give you a weekly schedule, others may not, You must set weekly goals for yourself and self-evaluate by the end of the week. This will help you stay on track and focus on your overall goal.

Increase your network

This is your chance of getting out of the school environment and meeting new people. It goes without saying that networking is extremely important for students. This may be your chance of getting a job or a referral. So, connect your coworkers and build meaningful relationships with them.

Ask questions - Don’t be shy!

When entering your internships, some people feel like they are going in completely blind. If you ever feel uncertain about something or need clarification, never be afraid to ask. The best part about this internship is that they know this is new to you. Your team is there to help you in any way that they can so you can enter the industry with confidence!

Have fun

Be yourself and enjoy your time! This is such a great experience where you get to meet new people and make new friends. Go easy on yourself and have fun with all the new things you get to learn. If you make mistakes, it is okay! You are not expected to be a “pro” right off the bat. Laugh it off, learn from it, the mistakes are to be expected.

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