5 Daily Routines to Strengthen Your Immune System
5 Daily Routine to Strengthen Your Immune System



Nearly 3% of the entire US population suffer from weakened IMMUNE SYSTEM.

78% of patients in Intensive Care Unit have at least one underlying ailment due to weakened immune system.

Most COVID patients suffer from one weak immune system disorder.

70% of US population have become more health conscious.

45% of the population believe eating good is the only factor to solidify their immune system.

Only eating good is not alone to suffice and a strong immune system takes more than that.

Debilitating stress effects, busy lifestyle and inclination towards bad habits can wreck your immune system. 

VEGAN OR NON-VEGAN which diet strengthens your Immune System?

Both Vegan and Non-vegan diets have their own unique traits in strengthening your immune system. But, protein, iron, calcium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, zinc can be hard to get from strict vegan or plant-based diets.

Flexitarian diets help people benefit from loads of vegetables without entirely giving up on meat.

125 million people have shifted to vegan diets in 2019 but practice flexitarian diets on regular intervals. Strict vegetarian diets are not recommended for children.

Non-vegan diets comprise zinc, high amounts of protein, Vitamin B12, and Omega-3 fats that can repair wrecked cells and strengthen your immune system.

16.4 million people in the US prefer non-vegan diet over vegetarian diets for their mineral and nutrients value.

Ways to Strengthen your Immune System

Eat Enough

Eating right is the best way to strengthen your immune system. However, is eating one apple or one serving of veggies enough to cater to the purpose?

Research states our stressed lifestyle needs adequate amount of protein, vitamins and minerals to strengthen your immune system. So, NO! One serving of anything is not enough to solve the purpose.

Take adequate amount of protein rich foods such as beef,, chicken, lamb, fish and multiple servings of colorful veggies, fruits can solidify your immune system.

Get Enough

Binge watching of your favorite series online or sitting longer hours on work is only going to wreck your internal body. Our body needs 6 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep for it to perform optimally. Proper sleep boosts your immune system and fight against stress, diseases.

Don't Stress Out

Too Much Stress reduces natural killer T cells count which invites foreign diseases.

Taking too much stress is only going to bring troubles for your body.

Be positive and eliminate stress to strengthen your immune system.


1 out of 5 Americans at some point of their lives suffer from obesity.

Perform moderate intensity and high intensity exercises every alternate day if your life happens to be very busy.

Exercise can not only boost immune system but also keep the body in optimal condition from inside out.

30 minutes of work or 15 minutes of walk daily can eliminate cardiac problems by 60%.

Stay Away from Alcohol, Smoke

Smoke and alcohol are two worst enemies of your immune system.

Smoking brings asthmatic problem and brings allergies that weaken immune system from inside.

Alcohol on the other hand, similarly weakens your immune system and reduces disease killing cells in the body.

Beneficial Foods

Beneficial foods to strengthen your immune system are:

Veggies - Spinach, Ale, Carrots, Onions Garlic, Ginger, Radish, Cauliflower, Etc.

Non-Veg - Chicken, Salmon, Tuna, Beef, Lamb, Mutton, Etc.

Fruits - Oranges, Almonds, Nuts, Grapes, Apples, Papaya, Banana, Etc.