Maca and Your Libido

Can Maca Improve Your Libido and Sex Life?  

Maca root is an ancient adaptogenic herb from Peru that has become increasingly popular as both a nutritional supplement and superfood for hormonal health. In addition to sexual enhancement supplements, you can find maca as a “booster” ingredient in many organic juice bars with claims of increased cognitive function, energy and focus. But the health benefit that has really put maca in the spotlight is the rumored ability to enhance one’s libido.  

Maca has been said to increase sexual desire, fertility, improve semen quality and relieve erectile dysfunction, which explains why it’s been used for over 2,000 years as a bedroom antidote. While there are limited clinical studies in humans to explain how maca works in the body, thousands of natural healthcare practitioners swear by its efficacy as a libido enhancer by observing the positive results of their patients. For this reason, naturopathic doctors and holistic nutritionists frequently recommend it as a medicinal herb in their practice.

Perhaps the health benefits of Maca are linked to the environment it originates from. Maca grows in extremely harsh conditions in the Andes mountains, where very few plants can survive. In order to live, maca must utilize the entire spectrum of minerals from the soil it grows in- and we ingest this concentrated nutrition. In addition to minerals, maca also contains fiber and protein, two other nutrients essential for overall hormone balance and function.

Maca users report an increase in focus, concentration and sex hormone function, while others report reduced stress and anxiety. Regardless of whether or not maca directly enhances libido, all of these variables are important when it comes to having a healthy sex life. Of course, having a great sex life depends not only on your physical health but your mental and emotional health as well. It’s possible that maca may successfully address the superficial aspects of one’s sex life, but of course, it cannot address the emotional and mental aspects that are often subconscious.

Maca does not have any known side-effects, and the fact that it is regularly consumed as a root vegetable in Peru and staple ingredient suggest it is safe for consumption. However, there are claims that state when using maca for its health benefits, you will get best results when you “cycle” your dosage, otherwise, your body can build up a tolerance and you may stop feeling the positive results.

If you’re curious to see how a concentrated dosage of maca can improve your sex life and enhance your libido, we recommend giving Brad King’s Ultimate Libido supplement a try. Alternatively, you can incorporate maca root powder into your diet slowly by adding it to your smoothies and recipes.

As with any supplement, always check in with your healthcare provider before use. While maca isn’t known to have any specific side effects, each person will respond differently to herbal supplements and requires the assessment of a qualified healthcare practitioner to determine the appropriate and therapeutic dosage before starting a new supplement regime.

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