Stay Healthy This Summer with Sisu Multivitamins!
Summer is just around the corner! We are looking forward to sunny beach days, camping, canoeing, and of course all the BBQ's we can manage! With all of these fun events, we know you don't want to be stressed-out, worrying, if you are getting all the right nutrition your body needs. This is where the classic multivitamin comes into play. We know that even when we eat well, we do not get all the vitamins and minerals that our body needs. The nutrient profile of our produce has changed drastically over the last 50 years. So much so, that we recommend everyone to take a multivitamin to cover their bases! Not all multivitamins are the same and it is important to find the best one to suit your needs. This is why we love SISU multivitamins, they have a specific formula for kids, teens, men, women and 50+. Wherever you are in your life, there will be a SISU multi that will suit your needs.

Sisu Supreme Multivitamin 50+

To function at an optimal level, our bodies need a wide range of nutrients. As we age this need becomes greater because the cumulative effects of stress, pollutants and illnesses deplete and weaken our bodies and slow us down. Men and women fifty or better who want to enjoy the best possible health today and retain their youthful energy long into the future should choose superior quality vitamins, minerals and nutrients specially formulated to suit their needs. SISU Supreme Multivitamin 50+ provides a full complex of vitamins and trace minerals plus higher levels of B12, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc,, and vanadium in addition to lutein for eye health and Co Q10 to boost the energy of the muscles and the heart.

Sisu Supreme Multivitamin

This superior quality multivitamin formulation is a convenient way to complement your diet and give your body what it needs. SISU Supreme Multivitamin provides a full complex of vitamins and minerals to help you enjoy the best possible health today.

Sisu Teens Multi

Growing children and adolescents have specific nutritional needs and studies show that 25% of the calorie intake among Canadian children and teenagers comes from low nutrient foods such as unhealthy snack foods, sugars, and unhealthy fats. A multivitamin formulation is a convenient way to complement the diet and provide the additional nutrients required to support child development, prevent various health concerns, and help children and teens meet their full potential.

Sisu U-Cubes Kids Gummies

Despite our best attempts, children’s diets can experience nutritional gaps. Fruits, veggies, proteins, good fats…are all elements we strive to provide but can be a challenge to deliver. Supplementing a child’s diet with a high-quality, pure and safe multivitamin will help you provide your kids with the essential building blocks of a fully complemented diet. SISU U-CubesTM gummies provide the important vitamins and minerals children need daily, in a formula specially designed for kids. So there you have it! A Multivitamin for everyone in the family! Try them out this summer and see how good you feel every day.
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