Tasty Vegan Treats That You Can Make at Home!

 Did you think vegan meant boring bland foods? Think again!

For many, the term vegan may have brought up images such as lettuce or salad or juice. But now times have changed. These days we have access to so many foods and recipes that we can make anything into a plant-based masterpiece. 

As the vegan trend and way of life continue to grow there are many ways to replace animal products with plants to recreate recipes such as baked goods, ice cream, cakes, and cookies. 

Being vegan no longer means compromising for taste or recipes. You can have it all!

Maybe you are vegan, maybe you are vegetarian, or maybe your goal is to follow a more plant-based lifestyle. Or maybe you just want a treat that is healthier but still delicious. Either way, we've got you covered.

We compiled some of our favourite vegan treats for you and your friends to enjoy!

Sticky Vegan Cinnabuns

Who doesn't love a gooey cinnamon bun? We turned this classic into a healthier version using vegan whole food ingredients to keep your blood sugar from going a little too crazy. We used natural coconut sugar as a replacement to white sugar for an improved blood sugar response and of course the spice cinnamon which is well known for its blood sugar-lowering effects.

Click here for the full recipe with instructions. 

Vegan Protein donuts

Healthy vegan donuts? Yes, please! The banana flour in this recipe provides a delicious consistency and a great alternative that is both gluten-free and vegan. Banana flour also provides fiber to feed our good gut bacteria which can benefit our digestive health, immune health, and support a healthy weight. The protein and healthy fat included in this recipe help to keep energy more stable compared to the classic donut which depletes our energy tank.

Click here for the full recipe with instructions. 

No-Bake Mint Chocolate Energy Balls

Energy balls are our absolute favourite treats as they are about the easiest snacks to make, and you can take them anywhere!
They are also incredibly versatile and can be made into any flavor with a combination of fats, protein, and carbs to your liking. 
These mint chocolate balls are great as a pre or post-workout snack or as an afternoon pick me up when you want to reach for the coffee or candy bar. 
The dates in this recipe provide natural sugar for quick energy and peppermint extract has been shown to improve alertness and energy naturally. 

Click here for the full recipe with instructions. 

Chocolate Açai Ice Box Cake

If you need a healthy chocolate cake recipe for a special occasion, this is it! 

But what makes this chocolate cake so special? One word. Antioxidants

Antioxidants are important because they help protect our cells from free radical damage and inflammation. 

Acai may be small in sized but this berry is anything but insignificant! Acai berries are one of the most potent sources of antioxidants, in fact, compared to wild blueberries they provide about 11 times the amount of antioxidants!

Click here for the full recipe with instructions. 

Frozen Banana Berry Soft Serve

The perfect treat on a hot summer day, this ice cream is dairy-free and it's only 3 ingredients! 

For many individuals, dairy can cause a variety of reactions such as digestive discomfort, skin conditions, and even allergies. In most cases, digestive reactions are due to the inability to digest the sugar lactose, as most adults lack the enzyme lactase once they grow out of childhood. 

Thankfully, there are many vegan alternatives to ice cream which can make your experience more enjoyable without the side effects! 

Click here for the full recipe with instructions. 

Pumpkin Walnut Loaf with Spiced Buttercream

Perfect for Thanksgiving, but really we could eat it any time, this pumpkin loaf is the perfect comforting treat on a cold or rainy day. 

Why do we love pumpkin? Pumpkin not only tastes great but it's incredibly nutritious. This winter squash provides a variety of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and iron which can help to support energy, eye health, immune function, and heart health.
And to no surprise, from its bright color, it also supplies antioxidants that can help to protect our cells from DNA damage. We told you this loaf would be worth it! 

Click here for the full recipe with instructions. 





Laurence Annez is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Health Coach, specializing in PCOS and women's hormones. She also holds a degree in Creative Writing and has extensive experience writing on health and wellness topics. Laurence's mission is to inspire and motivate individuals to take control of their own health and reach their ultimate health goals.  



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