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For years, animal proteins dominated the fitness world with whey and casein protein powders. While these supplements provide many nutritional benefits to athletes, they aren’t the best fit for everyone. Whether you’re just looking to supplement your diet or need protein to fuel your most challenging workouts, finding the right protein powder can help you achieve your goals. Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done for people on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

That’s where Vega comes in.

You no longer have to limit yourself to protein powders that don’t stack up to the mass that animal-based supplements can add. Vega products are plant-based protein products rich in those vital amino acids your body needs for muscle growth and recovery. They even have products that can aid you on your weight loss journey.

Since Vega first made its way into the health and fitness scene, it has given vegan and vegetarian consumers the ability to reach all of their goals. Keep reading to learn more about the Vega brand, its products, and the benefits they offer to people like you.

In 2001, Brendan Brazier found himself getting more and more frustrated by the lack of vegan options in the sports world. As a vegan triathlete, he needed plenty of protein and other nutritional supplements to reach his peak performance. Unfortunately, many of the options that were available at the time did not provide the level of performance support that he needed.

What was the solution?

Brazier decided to create his very own product because he believed that plants had the power to provide high-performance solutions that could stack up against animal protein. As a result, Vega was founded by Brendan Brazier and his business partner Charles Chang. 

The entire Vega brand was built around the idea of making high-performing, plant-based nutrition that is as good for people as it is for the environment. Over the last 20 years, the company has grown and changed. Vega now features a wide range of entirely plant-based products. These sports nutrition products are designed to fit a range of activity levels and goals. You don’t have to be a triathlete like Brazier to benefit from these supplements. 

As we mentioned, Brazier was passionate about making a product that was good for the environment as well. Therefore, the Vega logo isn’t the only green thing. The brand has worked hard to become a B Corp Certified business. This certification proves that the company legally meets all of the stringent safety, social, and environmental standards set by a third party known as B Lab.

What Company Owns Vega?

Since Brazier and Chang first started the company, it has changed hands a few different times. It was first sold in 2015 to a Denver-based packaged food and beverage company called Whitewave Foods. Just a couple of years later, Whitewave Foods was acquired by a French conglomerate called Danone. Danone no longer owns the Vega brand, however. In 2021, Vega was sold to funds managed by WM Partners, a private-equity firm based out of the United States.  

Is Vega a Canadian Company?

Though Vega started as a Canadian company in Burnaby, British Columbia, the ownership changes have affected that. When the brand was acquired by the Denver company, it became a US-based company. Now that it is back in the hands of a US-based firm, it has become more of a North American company. Though ownership is out of the United States, it’s important to note that the company still has its corporate headquarters in Canada. In addition, the brand has manufacturing and packaging facilities located in both the United States and Canada.

While Vega products are plant-based and non-GMO, they aren’t exclusively organic. Many of Vega’s products do not qualify for the organic label, but that doesn’t mean you should write the band off. To offer its products to as many customers as possible, Vega has created organic versions of some of its most popular products.  

How will you know if the product you choose is organic or not?

It’s simple! All you have to do is look at the labels. The brand makes it easy to check. If you are purchasing a product that is sold in the United States, you will see a label that states the product is certified as USDA organic. For products sold in Canada, the labeling will look slightly different. You will want to look for the Canada Organic symbol on the label instead. 

You can also rest assured that Vega will always label their products as organic. If you don’t see the word “organic” in the product name, then you should assume that it does not qualify for certification. Another way that you can verify whether a product is organic or not is by looking at the ingredient label. You will be able to see that there are specific ingredients that are also labeled as organic.

By now, you know that Vega supplements are made with plant ingredients, but what does that mean? Though most protein powder products use animal proteins, specifically dairy-based, you won’t find any whey or casein in Vega’s product lines. All of the powerful proteins packed in their powders and shakes come from plants. Peas are the most common source used by Vega, but they aren’t the only plant used by the brand.  

As important as it is to know what Vega products are made of, it is important to know what ingredients you won’t find in their powders and shakes. For example, each Vega product has the Non-GMO Project Verified label, which means that it passes their strict requirements for carefully manufacturing and handling products without any GMO contamination. 

That’s not all!

You never have to worry about any of Vega’s products containing gluten. All of the brand’s products are labeled as gluten-free to give you extra reassurance. You can also rest easy knowing that these clean alternatives don’t use any unnecessary fillers or preservatives. Vega even avoids using artificial ingredients to alter the color or taste of any of its products. Last but not least, though the products aren’t sugar-free, Vega uses the least amount of added sugar possible. In some cases, there are no added sugars at all. 

Now that you know more about what you won’t find in your Vega powder, it’s important to understand what specific ingredients the company chooses to include and why. While we still encourage you to carefully read over the label of the product you wish to try, the following are just a few of the most common ingredients that Vega uses in their vegan protein powder formulas. 

Plant-Based Protein

As we mentioned, all of Vega’s products use plant-based proteins. Though most of their products use a protein derived from peas grown in North America, that’s not the only source you should look for on the ingredient label. Some of the products use a combination of different plant-based proteins to provide optimal results.

In addition to Vega pea protein, you will also see that sunflower seed and pumpkin seed proteins are popular choices. These protein choices were carefully selected to provide consumers with the same performance level that you would expect from other animal proteins. This perfect combination of plant-based proteins provides consumers with the nine essential amino acids their body needs to recover after a tough workout. 

Vitamins & Minerals

Vega nutrition is about more than just providing your body with protein. The company designed products to provide your body with complete nutrition through an all-in-one shake. Therefore, you can expect your Vega foods to come with added vitamins and minerals to contribute to your overall wellness. Some of their best products provide your body with up to 50% of your daily value of 12 essential vitamins and minerals.   

What vitamins and minerals can you expect in your Vega nutritional shake?

Not only do Vega vegan protein products cover your vitamin A, B, and Cs, but they also include vitamins D and K. You’ll be happy to know that an antioxidant version of vitamin C is also included in the formula. This ingredient provides immune support along with all of the other benefits of the rest of the vitamins and minerals. For more accurate information, be sure to check the individual nutritional facts for each product.

Veggies & Greens

Life is busy, and we’re all guilty of not getting all of the nutrition we need in a day, especially when it comes to eating our veggies and leafy greens. Whether you don’t have time for a healthy breakfast, or your lunch options are limited, you can also use Vega protein products as nutritional meal replacements. After all, there’s a reason that Vega is derived from the word vegetable. 

Not only do the products provide you with pea protein, but they also provide consumers with ample servings of both USDA-Organic-certified kale and spinach. Some of the Vega protein powder products even come with broccoli and other vegetables. Again, we strongly encourage you to review all the nutrition facts and ingredient labels on the specific products you are considering. This will give you a better idea of the exact vegetables and leafy greens that are included in your protein shake or meal replacement.


Probiotics are an important part of your daily nutritional needs, but it can be difficult to find vegan alternatives because many people get their daily probiotic servings through dairy products. Yogurt is an especially good source of probiotics, but since it is derived from animals, it’s not an option for vegans. It’s also not an option for people with dairy allergies. 

Fortunately, Vega provides its customers with a safe and healthy alternative. Their products come with 1 million dairy-free probiotics. Specifically, Vega uses Bacillus coagulans. These good bacteria work together to increase and maintain healthy intestinal flora. When you use these products consistently, it can improve your overall digestive health.


Flax is another key ingredient in Vega One protein. It was carefully selected for its fiber benefits. It is a gut-friendly ingredient, and it provides your body with up to six grams of fiber. Not only is this ingredient included to help you feel fuller for longer, but it’s also important for maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Much like probiotics, flax can also aid in your digestive and bowel health. 

That’s not all!

Flax also provides you with omega-3 ALA. ALA stands for Alpha-linolenic acid, which is an essential omega-3. It is a plant-based omega-3 typically found in nuts and walnuts rather than seafood. Its health benefits include reducing blood clots, reducing the risk of heart disease, and maintaining a normal, healthy heart rhythm.

BCAAs & Tart Cherry

A branded chain amino acid (BCAA) is a general term that has been coined to describe essential amino acids used as a source of muscle energy. This ingredient is included in Vega protein powders. It is typically accompanied by tart cherry. Together, these ingredients work to help athletes recover their muscles faster after even the toughest resistance workouts. When you combine these ingredients with the protein, it allows the powders to provide the same level of performance as animal proteins.

Thanks to Vega, whey protein doesn’t have to be your only option when it comes to finding products to fuel your health and fitness journey. However, Vega is about far more than just hitting PRs and increasing mass. The brand has gone above and beyond to provide vegans with several different nutritional products. You’re sure to find something that fits your needs. Their quiz can even help you find the right product. 

Though some may intersect, the following are some of their more popular product types from which you can choose: 

  • Daily Nutrition: When you shop from Vega’s daily nutrition line, you’ll be able to choose from five different products, including the ever-popular Vega One. Canada has many retailers that may also sell this product labeled as Vega All-in-One. The products in this line are designed to provide consumers with all the nutritional building blocks that their body needs to be strong and healthy throughout the day. While most of these products are plant-based protein powders, you’ll also find a Vega smoothie.
  • Sports Nutrition: As an athlete, you need a protein powder that’s going to work as hard as you do. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for powerful plant-based nutrition products that can fuel your next workout session because this line is full of Vega Sport Protein Powder. Canada has many other healthy protein powders, but few can compare to the formula Vega has created. They currently offer seven different products ranging from pre-workout energizers to nighttime rest and recovery powders.
  • Functional Wellness: Even if you don’t have any big marathons in the near future, you can still benefit from Vega’s wellness line. These products were formulated to help people feel better. The line has three different drink mixes designed to meet different wellness goals. Whether you want to work on your gut health or need more energy, you’ll love the Hello Wellness line at Vega.
  • Keto-Friendly: Vega is also proud to offer a select number of keto-friendly products. These products are perfect for anyone trying to maintain ketosis because they have just 6 grams of carbs, and Vega never adds any sugar to these particular products. These mixes even pair well with a little coconut oil, so you can add extra fat to your diet.
  • No Stevia: Vega loves to use stevia as a sweetener when necessary because the ingredient is plant-based and doesn’t increase calories. However, they know that some people prefer to avoid sweeteners, so they offer a few products that are stevia-free. There are six different options, but it’s important to note that nearly all of their protein powders contain stevia for a better taste. Their wellness line is completely stevia-free, though!

Thanks to Vega's clean protein, Canada is lucky to have many different plant-based powders to try. It’s important to know that their diverse product line was designed to help a variety of customers achieve their goals with safe, green, and healthy protein. As a result, some products are better suited for your needs than others. We recommend that you look into four of their most popular products as a starting place, but we also suggest looking at their complete product line to find the best fit for your health goals. 

Vega Sport Protein Powder

When you put in hard work in the gym, you need a protein powder that’s going to go the extra mile to build and repair your muscles. That’s where Vega Sport all-in-one powder comes in to replace popular animal proteins like whey and casein. Without the use of a single animal byproduct, Vega Sport Protein Powder provides your muscles with the post-workout support that you need for optimal recovery. This powder creates a next-level protein shake that can stack up against even the best whey products because it offers a whopping 30 grams of plant-based protein in each serving.

This particular formula is made of a mix of:

  • Pea Protein 
  • Pumpkin Seed Protein
  • Organic Sunflower Seed Protein
  • Alfalfa Protein

Athletes love this product because, in addition to being packed with protein, it also offers several other health benefits to help them up their fitness game. The Vega Sport Protein powders also come with six grams of BCAAs and one billion CFU of bacillus coagulans probiotics for improved gut function. 

If you’re interested in this product, you’ll be happy to know that it comes in several delicious flavors without any of those nasty artificial flavors. These powders are currently available in vanilla, chocolate, berry, mocha, and peanut butter.

Vega One Protein (All-in-One)

As we mentioned, Vega protein powders aren’t just for athletes. They also have many products for daily health, and this is one of them. Every scoop of their all-in-one nutrition powder creates a shake that has 20 grams of protein. This means that the latest formula offers 33% more protein than their previous formulas. 

On top of that, you get twice as many greens for a total of six servings derived from a combination of alfalfa grass, spinach, broccoli, and kale. As a result, you get all of the benefits of fiber, plant-based omega-3s, and antioxidants. 

What else can you expect from this product?

The Vega All-in-One Powder also contains 50% of your daily recommended intake of essential vitamins and minerals. They even include probiotics and digestive enzymes that ensure your body gets the most out of every nutrient. 

Vega Protein & Greens Plant-Based Protein

Who says you have to choose between an awesome protein supplement and getting your daily recommended servings of greens? With Vega Protein & Greens, it’s easier than ever to get both of these benefits in one delicious shake. You can use this product as a convenient meal replacement when you just don’t have time to sit down for breakfast. It’s also perfect for any time you need a protein boost for your workout.

When you use this product, you can get 20 grams of a complete plant-based protein from:

  • Pea Protein
  • Brown Rice Protein
  • Hemp Protein
  • Sacha Inchi Protein

This healthy serving of protein is combined with two full servings of veggies like spinach, broccoli, organic kale, and organic alfalfa grass. Together, all of these ingredients fuel your body to get through the day.

Vega Protein Made Simple Plant-Based Protein

Are you a smoothie lover? Are you looking for a way to add more protein to your favorite recipe? If you answered yes to both questions, Vega has the perfect solution for you. Their Protein Made Simple products are a great addition to any smoothie when you need a little more protein in your vegan diet. 

How is this product different from some of the Vega 1 protein powder supplements?   

This powder is as simple as they make them. Depending on the flavor you choose, the product may have as little as four natural ingredients. None of the formulas will have more than eight, so you can trust that this is a simple recipe with no unnecessary additives—even if they are considered safe and healthy.

This product doesn’t include any:

  • Stevia or Artificial Sweeteners
  • Added Gums
  • GMOs
  • Gluten

The best part about this product is how well it mixes with other ingredients. It’s the perfect supplement to any smoothie recipe, especially when you can choose from vanilla, dark chocolate, strawberry banana, and caramel toffee flavors.

Vega Protein Canada is easy to purchase. Not only are there several retailers who offer Vega One nutrition, but you can also buy directly from the company. These options won’t guarantee the best price, though. If you want to buy Vega protein powder on sale, the best place to shop is Vitasave. We have “save” in our name for a reason. Our company strives to provide health and fitness supplements at the lowest prices around.

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That’s not even the best part! 

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