Handle Your Holiday Hangover with Alkaline H2o

It's party season and with multiple festivities to attend, many of us can be sure we'll be waking up with that dreaded hangover. Well, there's good news - by making a small change to your usual post alcohol hydration, you can greatly reduce those painful, all too familiar, hangover symptoms! 

That pounding in your head comes from dehydration, and the sick feeling is from the high levels of toxins in the intestines and bloodstream. In cases of severe overconsumption, Doctors in the emergency room will treat alcohol poisoning by performing a procedure called alkaline diuresis. The doctor gives the poisoning victim an intravenous bicarbonate solution. It saves the patient’s life by quickly raising the urine’s pH, which helps the kidneys excrete toxic acids more efficiently.

Drinking alkaline water is like a much milder form of the alkaline diuresis procedure used by doctors. With naturally occurring electrolytes, alkaline water delivers the hydration your body needs, in order to restore proper homeostasis and helps to remove acidic waste in your system.

The right type of alkaline water can also act as an antioxidant and may even boost the oxygenation potential of your blood, which also makes it easier to bounce back after a night of excessive drinking. While drinking regular tap or bottled water does help the detoxification process, the water itself does nothing to neutralize the toxins. Alkaline water is high on the pH scale and basic chemistry teaches that a base of sufficient strength and concentration can neutralize an acid. Drinking alkaline water while you’re drinking alcohol may also help prevent a hangover. 

Alkaline water's antioxidant potential may help the liver detox alcohol more efficiently, and it would also dilute the concentration of alcohol and it’s digestive byproducts in the digestive tract. Staying properly hydrated is key to avoiding a hangover and the best hydration comes from alkaline water.

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