Warm Up with Vitasave's 5 New Hot Superfood Elixirs!

Just in time for the chilly Vancouver weather, Vitasave is now serving healthy hot drinks to satisfy your sweet-tooth and nourish you from the inside-out. If you’ve been by our Vitasave storefront you have probably tried our delicious super-food smoothies.

Well, now we are adding some heat to our super-food roster with 5 new hot elixirs. What are elixirs? These are hot drinks that are traditionally prepared with a base of hot herbal tea and then infused with superfoods like cacao, ashwaghanda and turmeric. They are designed to nourish the body on multiple levels with a mega dose of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals! If you are up-to- date in the health + wellness scene then you’ve probably seen nutritionists around the globe whipping up new elixirs in their blenders for a variety of health purposes.

This is why Vitasave teamed up with one of our in-store Holistic Nutritionists: Janette Mason, to create the best possible recipes just for you!

Not only a nutritionist but also a personal chef, you can bet Janette's creations are not only nutrient dense but delicious with every sip. Here's the low-down on our 5 new hot Elixirs:

Matcha Latte

Matcha is an amazing superfood known for its ability to bring a calm-alertness. If you often get the jitters from drinking coffee, matcha is a great alternative to wake you up in the morning in a gentle manner. Aside from the stimulant effect, matcha is a great detoxifier for the body and is known to help speed up metabolism, aiding in weight loss.

The Super-food Hot Chocolate

You can skip the sugar-laden hot chocolates that you get at most coffee shops but still treat yourself with our sumptuous superfood hot chocolate! The star ingredient is the raw cacao. Raw cacao is what chocolate is made of but does not contain any of the refined sugars and still has all of the vitamins and minerals intact! Cacao truly is a SUPER food as it contains 40 times the antioxidants as blueberries (fighting off the effects of aging), is the highest plant source of iron and is a natural mood elevator.

The Immune Booster!

We all know that once the cold weather hits many people start to get sick. Help support your immune system with this bright, orange, latte. It's creamy and delicious and will help support your body to fight off any cold or flus! The immune boosting power comes from the turmeric that has been infused in this drink. Turmeric is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and a circulatory tonic, helping your body get rid of any bugs that you may come into contact with.

Who's heard of bullet-proof coffee?

It seems that almost everyone is getting on the bullet-proof bandwagon and with good reason! When you make your coffee “bullet-proof” you are adding in healthy fats that not only assist in weight loss but also help to level out the energy boost, making it last much longer. We have upgraded this coffee with medicinal mushrooms to give you a greater boost for mental clarity. The medicinal mushrooms in our coffee are Lionsmane and Chaga. Lionsmane is known for its cognitive boosting effects. So if you are about to give a presentation or writing your midterm, this is a great mushroom for you. The Chaga is wonderful for supporting the immune system in times of stress – something we could all use more of!

The “Nutty Professor”

Last but not least, the Nutty Professor is loaded with superfoods to elevate your mood and help balance your hormones. It is blended with organic almond butter and is like a big warm hug with every sip. We are very excited to be launching these new elixirs in time for the holidays. So come in and join us for a drink soon!

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