Travel Ready with Genuine Health Bars

Something that we get asked about A LOT is our top recommendations for healthy snacks. Whether it is for the weekend warriors who are hiking all day and need something to keep them going strong. Or travelers who don't want to get stuck at the airport with nothing to eat. Everyone seems to have the same requirements - the snack needs to be healthy but most importantly, it needs to be delicious! Luckily our team was up to the challenge!

Over time we have tried nearly every protein bar that has crossed our path. Some tasted great but were too high in sugar. Others had a great nutritional label but tasted like chalk. Our final verdict? Genuine Health Vegan Fermented Protein bars! These bars check off all our boxes: delicious, nutritious and easily transportable. On top of all of this, these bars were designed for optimal digestion and thus absorption of nutrients. This means that when you are eating this bar on a trail, you don't have to worry if it will upset your stomach. It also means that you will be feeling full long past your airport check-in.

Let's break down some of the ingredients. First up: Isomalto-oligosaccharides - the is a PRE-BIOTIC sugar, that feeds the probiotics (good bacteria) in your gut.

Next: Fermented Vegan Protein Blend - this is a blend of pea, hemp, quinoa, alfalfa, and spirulina. All organic and all fermented or sprouted. This means that the protein will be easily digestible ensuring you do not have any bloating!

Finally: Chia Seeds - these little seeds are powerhouses in the nutrition world! Full of healthy fats and fiber - it's no wonder they decided to include them in the recipe. So, the next time you are in need of a yummy snack to take with you on your adventures, try out Genuine Health's Vegan Fermented Bars.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions, please reach out!  

Written by: Janette Mason CNP

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