Daily Routine with Janette Mason

Meet Janette: she is one of our Certified Health Educators at Vitasave. She also runs her own private, online, nutrition practice. She specializes in digestion, weightloss, anxiety, stress reduction, and much more.  We always go to Janette when we have questions about increasing energy naturally and improving overall mood. So today we thought we would ask her about some of her favorite health products that she uses every day.

First off Janette, can you tell us a litte about your morning routine?  "There is always the odd day where I wake up later than usual and it is a mad dash to get out of the house. I try to avoid days like that as much as possible as I find it leaves me playing catch-up the rest of the day. So, a better morning for me is when I wake up around 6am and have time for self-care. I usually go right to my kitchen and boil some water for coffee or tea. At this time I pour myself a large glass of water with 1 tsp apple cider vinegar - this gets things moving and is slightly energizing. While my tea is steeping, I roll out my yoga mat and pour a blend of citrus essential oils (this is a great mood booster and energizer!) into my diffuser. I am not a fancy yogi but I do enjoy stretching with lots of deep breathing - so that's what I do".

What supplements do you take every day? "There are 3 supplements I rarely go a day without. The first one is a good B-complex. My top recommendation and the one I use is by AOR - Advanced B-Complex. B vitamins are necessary for every metabolic action in our bodies and if we are stressed out (like nearly every North American) we need them even more. Next would be a good quality anti-inflammatory. I tend to switch up which herb I will use for this but right now my favorite is Theracumin by Natural Factors. Taking an anti-inflammatory is not just important for the health of your joints but also for mental health - we find that people who experience high amounts of anxiety also have a lot of inflammation. Lastly, I like to use L-glutamine every day for gut healing. This amino acid helps with the repairing of the gut lining, which is very important for anyone with digestive issues."

For someone who wants to jump-start their health journey what would you suggest? "You need to first begin with what you eat. No supplement in the world can correct a bad diet. Not everyone is the same, so working with a trained natural health practitioner will make sure you are on the best path for you. Once your diet is improved, my favorite way to get things going even more is to do a gentle detox. Doing a detox is not for weight loss purposes (although many people do lose some weight). Detoxing properly is to help support your elimination systems work more effectively. Wild Rose Detox is a great one to try as it focuses on all channels of elimination and comes with a food guide."  

If you have questions about what was discussed in this post please feel free to reach out to us. Or to contact Janette directly you can do so via her website: https://www.onesmallshift.co/

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