Brand Review: Genuine Health

With an overwhelm of supplements on the market, it can be challenging to know what indicates a high quality product. And perhaps something that isn’t considered as often are the ethics and practices a company promotes. It’s easy to forget that although supplements are meant to be consumed as a health enhancer, they can still contain harmful toxins from the environment. To avoid this, you must choose your supplements with as much care as your food. Since most supplements are derived from plant-based or herbal products, they can come in to contact with the same contaminants in our environments if not properly sourced. The herbicides, pesticides, microbes, GMO’s and heavy metals that are present in our food supply can wind up in supplements just as easily. Beyond formulation, what about the environment? How sustainable is the product you’ve chosen? Did it come from a source that positively or negatively impacted the planet? To ensure you’re getting a pure, high quality product, it’s good to know the values and ethics of the brands you choose, which also includes efforts toward environmental awareness. Today we’d like to highlight Genuine Health, a brand whose commitments and standards are in alignment with ours. We know that Genuine Health has been providing their customers with high quality products for over 20 years. But what makes them stand out in the busy supplement crowd? Aside from the raving testimonials from happy customers who feel the difference in their energy, cognitive function and endurance, Genuine Health does a few things differently when it comes to their company initiatives.

  • Third Party Testing: Genuine Health understands that testing supplements for harmful toxins is a non-compromise. Without cutting corners, all of Genuine Health’s supplements undergo third party testing to ensure quality and transparency.
  • Quality Control: With zero tolerance for GMO’s, artificial ingredients, corn, yeast, sugar, dairy or animal products, Genuine Health guarantees that potential allergens are absent from their products, so you can remain worry-free.
  • Backed By Research: Genuine Health doesn’t make health claims on their products unless it’s been scientifically proven. Their products are tailored to their consumers deepest health complaints and their commitment to scientific research is evident in the results their products provide.
  • Environmental Awareness: While implementing biodegradable and compostable cups for their product demos, Genuine Health also promotes environmental sustainability by choosing bicycle couriers and hybrid vehicles to make their deliveries.
  • Recyclable and BPA Free Packaging: All packaging for Genuine Health’s supplements are free from the endocrine disrupting chemical, Bisphenol A (BPA).
  • Giving Back: Although giving health is their mission, they also believe in giving back to the community. Genuine Health donates 5% of their profits to organizations that are committed to helping those in poverty.
  As you can see, there is a wide criteria to look for when choosing your supplements. A high quality product is important, but so are the standards, mission and values that contribute to the product’s existence. Genuine Health's top brands include: Genuine Health Greens+, Genuine Health Multi+,  Genuine Health Omega-3 and Genuine Health Sports Nutrition.
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