How to Love Your Body from the Inside Out with Genuine Health

The word self-love is thrown around a lot lately, but what does it actually mean? 

Self-love is defined by the regard for one's own well-being and happiness.

But this doesn't just refer to mani-pedis and bubble baths, it means supporting yourself to show up as the best version of yourself, and that means taking care of your emotional and physical health. As the saying goes, you can't pour from an empty cup! Self-love is anything but selfish because not only do you get to feel good but you also feel more inclined to give and show up for others. Self-love really benefits everyone.

This starts with giving yourself the time to take care of yourself. With our busy lifestyles, we tend to neglect self-care and use the excuse of lack of time, but this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make! 

Make it a habit to set aside some time each day to really care for yourself and love yourself with nourishment, movement, and time to relax. 

When we neglect this time and these practices our bodies can start to show symptoms such as acne, psoriasis, anxiety, depression, joint pain, PMS, and digestive problems.

So how can you love yourself even more from the inside out?



 Feed your cells with greens

The ultimate superfoods! If you want to upgrade your health, you need to be including greens in your diet. We know it can sometimes be tricky to include them every day and even if you do eat fruits and vegetables daily, the reality is we just can't get everything we need from our diet anymore. This is where a greens powder can help you stay on track and fill in those nutrient gaps!

Greens + is a nutritional multivitamin powder that has impressive research supporting its benefits on various body systems. 

This greens superfood supplement provides plant nutrients that are even more vital than ever before because they support liver function, healthy brain function, mood, energy, vitality, balanced hormones, immune function, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory actions, and a healthy gut. Now that's self-love right there!


Get the right fats

There is no question, we need fats in our diet, however the type of fat matters... a lot. Unfortunately in the typical Western diet, we are consuming more of the unhealthy fats from processed foods, which is contributing to illness and disease. 

“Bad” fats include artificial trans fats and hydrogenated oils because they are pro-inflammatory and linked to obesity and an increased risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. 

Examples of healthy fats to include in the diet include avocado, raw nuts and seeds, olives, coconut, and wild fatty fish. 

Omega-3 fatty acids make up an important component of every cell in our bodies and have been shown to improve various factors to health such as mood, mental outlook, and reduced inflammation. Dietary intake isn't always optimal, or easy, which is why supplementing with an Omega-3 is the best insurance for our overall mental health and wellbeing.

Research has proven that Omega-3 from wild fish oils, like those in Omega 3 + JOY provide the best source of EPA which is essential for mood and mental outlook.

Omega 3 + JOY gives you a superior source of research-proven omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oils with superior potency, strictly tested to ensure purity and safety, have research-proven results, and don’t leave behind a fishy taste.


Fertilize your gut!

What does your gut have to do with your mental health and wellbeing? Just about everything!

Research now shows just how influential the state of your gut is on the rest of your body. Connected to your brain via the vagus nerve, also known as the gut-brain axis, your gut can relay messages to the brain and vice versa. 

Microbes in the gut also produce neurotransmitters such as serotonin, in fact over 90% of your serotonin is made in your gut!

Poor gut health has been associated with mental health issues, as studies have shown those with a compromised digestive system experience increased rates of anxiety and depression. Probiotic supplementation can help improve the ecosystem in the gut as well as improve anxiety and depression by reducing gut inflammation, normalizing cortisol levels, and regulating the HPA axis (1)

Beneficial gut bacteria can help to reduce inflammation and produce neurotransmitters, certain vitamins, and short-chain fatty acids that can help to improve brain function. 

Genuine Health Advanced Gut Health Probiotic contains 15 strains that mimic human gut flora in an allergen- and plastic-free delayed-release capsule to deliver probiotics straight to your gut!

Eat protein

We have all heard before that protein provides the building blocks for the body. But what does that actually mean? Protein is made up of smaller units called amino acids. 

Amino acids are needed by the body for vital functions such as building and repairing tissue, creating enzymes, carrying oxygen in your blood, and producing hormones and neurotransmitters (2).

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers in the brain which allow brain cells to communicate with one another. Lower levels of neurotransmitters and dysfunction of the communication between neurons are common issues in depressive patients (3)

This is why protein intake is important for optimal brain function. Protein deficiency can result in many health problems including low mood, anxiety, and even depression. 

Though it is relatively easy to get enough protein in the diet, many people, especially highly active and elderly individuals may need extra support from a protein powder.

Genuine Health Proteins+ is your premium protein source and provides an excellent source of our exclusive alpha+ to increase lean muscle, improve exercise recovery and support your immune system. 





Laurence Annez is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Health Coach, specializing in PCOS and women's hormones. She also holds a degree in Creative Writing and has extensive experience writing on health and wellness topics. Laurence's mission is to inspire and motivate individuals to take control of their own health and reach their ultimate health goals.    

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