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Your mind and body are intricately connected. This means in order to have a healthy mind you need a healthy body and vice versa. 

This is not a new discovery, as traditional medicines have always addressed and viewed the human body as a holistic being. However, only recently have we started to isolate different organ systems from the whole. This along with technological advancements has resulted in a deep disconnection from ourselves and a rise in chronic disease as well as a mental health crisis.

With the discovery of the vagus nerve, connecting the gut to the brain, we now know just how important gut health and nutrition are for a healthy brain.

Many gastrointestinal health conditions such as IBS has been linked to an increased risk of mood imbalances.

And on the other hand, a variety of neurological issues such as anxiety and depression have been linked to digestive dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, and an imbalanced microbiome, confirming just how influential our gut health and nutrition is for our brain. 

In an increasingly fast-paced society that focuses and depends on fast food and convenience over quality and nutrition, we are simply becoming overfed and undernourished and our bodies and minds are suffering as a result.  

So how can you nourish your mind and body? 

Omega 3 fats

Our brain is made up of 60% fat, so no wonder fats have such a profound effect on our mental health.

Fats make up our cell membranes which enable communication between our brain neurons. Without this, brain signals will be impaired. 

Omega 3 fatty acids include EPA and DHA. EPA, in particular, is responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects and DHA is responsible for the maintenance of normal brain function. Deficiencies are associated with low mood, hyperactivity, poor cognitive functioning, hormonal imbalances, and inflammatory conditions. 

A study showed individuals with lower serum levels of DHA & EPA experienced increased cognitive aging as well as behavioral issues in children. Children getting sufficient omega 3 have been shown to perform better in school than those who don't (1).

How can you make sure you are getting enough of these omega 3 fats? Eat 2-3 servings of fish per week or supplement. 

Genuine Health Omega 3 - Joy

Reaching the recommended dosage of beneficial omega 3 fats isn’t always possible through diet alone, which is why supplementing with an EPA rich Omega-3 is the best insurance for our overall mental health and wellbeing.

Clean, pure fish oil with a dose of EPA clinically proven to improve mood and mental outlook, research has proven that Omega-3 from wild fish oils, like those in omega 3+ Joy provides the best source of EPA which is essential for a balanced mood and mental outlook.

Omega 3+ Joy gives you a superior source of research-proven Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oils with superior potency, and strictly tested to ensure purity and safety, have research-proven results and don’t leave behind a fishy taste, repeat or odour.



Probiotics affect more than just your gut health! 

The gut-brain axis connects the brain to the gut via the vagus nerve which sends signals to one another. The gut hasn't been coined as the "second brain" for no reason. Not only do the brain and the gut directly communicate with one another but the majority of neurotransmitters are actually produced in the gut. These include serotonin and dopamine, which release our feel-good chemicals. 

Therefore if you are experiencing any digestive distress or dysbiosis, you will likely feel the effects in the brain as well as in the digestive system.

This is where probiotics can come in handy to help shift the microbiome towards an increase of beneficial microbes and to reduce the proliferation of harmful pathogens. Probiotic supplementation has been shown to improve mood and even help to improve or prevent depressive states in patients. 

How can you support your gut health? By eating prebiotic and probiotic-rich foods or with a quality probiotic supplement.

Genuine Health Advanced Gut Health Probiotic

This advanced formula provides 15 strains delivering 50 billion colony forming units for acute care following antibiotic use, high stress, or digestive complaints. These bacteria mimic human gut flora in an allergen and plastic-free delayed-release capsule to deliver our probiotics straight to your gut! 

 A vegan, delayed-release capsule with a fermented prebiotic ensures that the strains pass through the stomach acid, reaching the gut where they thrive. This probiotic is stable at room temperature making it an ideal travel companion.

Health Advanced Gut Health Probiotic for Kids

We are born with probiotics but these days we are seeing increasing rates of C-section deliveries and sterile environments which can compromise our microbiome population. Not to mention the ultra-processed diets that many parents and kids are now eating and in addition a lack of outdoor exposure which can further deplete good gut bugs.  

A compromised gut can increase the risk of falling ill as well as the development of conditions such as asthma, eczema, and a weak immune system. Probiotics have been shown to support various health issues in children such as infections, skin conditions, digestive issues, and allergies. 

Advanced Gut Health Probiotic for Kids supplies 7 strains of bacteria which include Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG, one of the most researched probiotics for promoting childhood health and Reuteri, a natural resident of a healthy gut in childhood. 

Laurence Annez is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Health Coach, specializing in PCOS and women's hormones. She also holds a degree in Creative Writing and has extensive experience writing on health and wellness topics. Laurence's mission is to inspire and motivate individuals to take control of their own health and reach their ultimate health goals.   

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