Stay Sharp with Biosteel High Performance Sport Mix

One of the top supplements that nearly every sports nutritionist can agree we need to replenish is electrolytes. We've seen them in sachets, tablets, and sugary drinks. But what exactly are electrolytes and why do we need them? Electrolytes are small, slightly charged particles that our body needs for a number of functions. They are important for maintaining our hydration levels, and our nerve cells need these slightly charged particles to help carry electrical signals around the body. This is important for a healthy nervous system, good mental health, and proper sleep. It also vital for muscle function, as electrical signals need to be able to travel across muscles to tell them when to relax and contract. Although electrolyte supplements have often been marketed towards athletes, they are equally important for anyone out and about on a hot day. Also, if you are suffering from any digestive issues like diarrhea, on diuretic medications, or have kidney issues, electrolytes are a good idea to think about including in your health regime. With the hot weather we have been having lately, we are all thinking about including electrolytes in our water to stay sharp throughout the day.

One of our favorites is by BioSteel and is their High-Performance Sport Mix. BioSteel’s flagship product provides hydration and electrolyte replacement, as well as sustained energy without the use of sugar or caffeine. This premium mix contains amino acids, minerals, and vitamins which all help reduce fatigue and increase performance whether you’re competing in sport or grinding through the workday.

When looking for an electrolyte replacement be sure to stay away from anything with added sugars or ones that use sugar alcohols. We want to be adding nutrients to the body, not taking them away. Bio Steel's blend uses a mix of electrolytes and amino acids, ensuring your mind and body stay sharp.   Written By: Janette Mason, CNP

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