What the Collagen?!

In 2018 the most talked about superfood and health product has been Collagen. Up until this year, not many people knew what collagen was and far fewer would consider it a superfood. So why after over 20 years on the market has Collagen finally had its moment in the spotlight? Well, a big part of its success is due to celebrity bloggers and health-gurus like Dr. Axe. The health community has gotten wind of collagen's many health benefits and they are finding ways to include it in their morning coffee, breakfast porridge, and desserts.

So, what exactly is collagen and how does it help you? Collagen is a structural protein that is found in skin and other connective tissues. Our bodies produce collagen but after the age of 25 our body's ability to keep up with the demand drops off. Cue wrinkles and joint stiffness. The collagen that we supplement with comes from animals, typically cows or fish. This is a way of using the whole animal, the way our ancestors would. The amino acid make up of collagen makes it ideal for helping our body with joint issues like arthritis, structural issues like wrinkles and hair loss and even to help with the health of our gut. Since our diet typically doesn't include the skin and bones in the meat we eat, supplementing with collagen is an excellent way to support your health.



When choosing a collagen supplement it is very important to know the quality and source. As with all supplements, not all are created equal. One of our favorite collagen powder to use is by Organika. Theirs is Grass-fed, pasture-raised, unflavored, pure collagen. It dissolves easily so can be added to your coffee or tea, yogurt, oatmeal or any other food or drink you wish. We use it in our Fountain of Youth smoothie! Want to learn more about collagen and how it benefits you?

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