Two Step Skin Care Routine with New Roots

Radiant skin is an inside job. In order to have a beautiful, glowing, exterior, we need to first make sure our interior is well looked after. Our digestive system, as well as our cleansing organs like our liver, are responsible for clearing out any excess waste as well as absorbing and putting to use all the nutrients we get from our food and supplements. If either of these systems are down, it can be near impossible to have gorgeous skin. Common side effects of having poor digestion or a sluggish liver can be premature aging, acne, dull complexion, and dry skin. So in order to prevent and reverse these issues, we first must look after our insides. The first step to clear, beautiful skin is to look after your liver. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to help with liver cleansing. When looking for one you want to see multiple herbs, which will help with all levels of liver care.

One of our favorites is New Root's Liver formula. The combination of herbs helps with protecting the liver as well as ensuring it can effectively eliminate toxins.


The second step is to support your body will rich nutrients that will give your skin the glow that you want. One of our top recommendations is Spirulina. This is a blue-green algae that has an impressive vitamin and mineral content. This is also one of the best ways to clear out toxins from the blood that could cause skin irritations and acne.


The moisture in our skin diminishes with age. The best way to increase the suppleness of your skin as well as bring back your natural moisture is to include good quality Omega 3 Fats. If you cannot eat fish 3-4 times per week then we recommend you take a high-quality omega 3 supplement like New Root's Wild


Another factor to consider when ramping up your skin-care routine is your level of stress.

Stress is a powerful force in our bodies that can create an abundance of inflammation causing premature aging, acne, eczema and more. Aside from adding in meditation and trying to lower your stress with mindfulness, a great vitamin to support the body in times of stress in Vitamin C. It is needed to help regulate your stress response and it is a cofactor in the creation and maintenance of collagen.


For a topical solution for your skin woes, we recommend Seabuckthorn Oil. Known for its restorative properties, Seabuckthorn oil will help restore your skins natural moisture balance while adding in the preservation and creation of collagen and elastin.

Everyone's skin story is different. If you have specific questions about what to do for your skin, please give us a call or come by our storefront.   Written By: Janette Mason, CNP