Whole Food Nutrition in a Tablet

Any nutritionist will tell you that the key to long-term, vibrant, health is to fuel yourself with the best possible foods. This means organic whenever possible, non-GMO and clean, WHOLE, foods. Eating as nature intended means that you are allowing your body to reap the benefits of a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants. When we put such a focus on eating the best that we can it seems surprising that many people don't focus as much on the quality of their supplements. When you are taking something that is much more concentrated and for a specific purpose, this is when you really want to ensure it is from the best source. 

For someone new to supplements we would recommend starting out with a whole-food supplement that is organic and non-GMO.

When you are taking a whole-food supplement you are essentially  getting a mega dose of dehydrated and concentrated vegetables and fruits. The concentration might not be as high as their synthetic counterparts but they will have a full spectrum of vitamins that you would not get in the synthetic forms.

One of our top Whole-Food supplement lines to recommend is mykind Organics by Garden of Life. They meet all of our requirements: organic, non-GMO, and quality ingredients that you would find in your garden. Coming to market only about a year ago they are one of our top sellers and for good reason! Covering your multi-vitamin needs as well as calcium, D3, C and B12. These supplements are great for vegans and health-minded people alike. For an easy first step to bettering your health, we really like their multivitamins. Simple to take and since the ingredients are only whole foods, if you drop the tablet in water it will dissolve quickly and you can drink it instead! Loaded with superfoods like Moringa and Holy Basil, you will be feeling energized in no time.

So the next time you are looking for a supplement, remember that quality is key! Any questions, give us a call or come by our storefront to talk to our Nutritionists!  

Written By: Janette Mason, CNP

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