Aeryon Wellness Feminine pH Testing Strips (50 Strips)

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About Aeryon Wellness Feminine pH Testing Strips (50 Strips)


Wash and dry hands then using a cotton swab, gently collect a small amount of fluid from the vagina and apply it onto the Aeryon Wellness pH strip. Each bottle contains 50 strips that are easy to read and interpret. After 30 seconds compare the color of the strip with the color test chart. Aeryon Wellness Vaginal pH Testing strips are very sensitive to the environment and changes to temperature. Made from the premium quality materials and a stringent quality process prior to packaging and shipping, store them at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Do not refrigerate. Secure tightly after each use. Prior to testing avoid intercourse and vaginal douching. Illegal and prescription medication may affect results. This test is not recommended for use while pregnant during menstruation, those with diabetes or using hormone therapy. Aeryon Wellness PH Vaginal Testing Strips are made of high-quality filter paper mounted to a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film.

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