Natural Calm Magnesium Chloride Liquid (237 mL)

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About Natural Calm Magnesium Chloride Liquid (237 mL)

Magnesium Chloride sourced from deep sea water...........................470 mg per ml.
Contains no oil. (We call it an oil because of it's texture and viscosity, it is actually a brine)

Massage: Rub into sore muscles to relieve the pain. Compresses work well for tight, tired muscles. Rub the Magnesium Oil into the area.

Take a small towel and wet it in hot water (as hot as comfortable). Place over sore area and allow the heat of the compress to drive the magnesium into the skin. When the compress cools, repeat. Also, apply to legs before bed to relieve restless legs.

Magnesium Oil may need to be diluted half strength with water as some people may experience skin irritation.

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