Hot new wellness trends to explore in 2023

A new year is a time for many to make resolutions and set new goals, however it's also a time to explore new trends on the health and wellness scene.

Over the years, trending practices and products such as meditation, mocktails, mindfulness, and yoga have emerged and influenced many individuals looking to improve their wellbeing.

The pandemic emphasized the importance of taking our physical and mental health seriously and inciting more people to make it a higher priority by changing their habits.

Though health is a day by day decision, trends may help to re-ignite curiosity and expand one's horizons around how to take care of their health while also infusing some fun into it.

Some new trends are said to emerge while others will continue to remain popular this year as the interest in improving one's health and wellness continues to rise.

From diet and exercise to self care and supplements, here are 10 wellness trends that we think might take center stage.


Wall pilates

Lower intensity exercise is seeing a recent surge in popularity with workouts such as yoga, walking, and pilates making their comeback.

Wall pilates is the same concept as regular pilates with a little fun twist. The difference is that, as the name suggests, wall pilates uses the help of a wall as support.

Unlike many other workouts, pilates is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and is an effective way to tone and build muscle but also support rehabilitation and recovery from certain injuries (1).

You can very easily practice this from the comfort of your home, at the office, or even on the road while traveling!


At home workouts

The pandemic created a shift towards at home....well everything, including workouts. Though it's been almost 3 years since the lockdowns hit, at home workouts continue to represent one of the hottest fitness trends as individuals rethink their gym memberships and opt for convenience and comfort at home instead.

Home workouts remove many barriers to fitness as they can save individuals time and money, and allow them to more easily fit movement into their day.


Medicinal mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms continue to occupy the top ranks of the wellness scene as they promise a long list of nutritional, medicinal and beautifying benefits.

They are well known to provide supportive effects around immune health, energy, brain health, sleep and stress.

Mushrooms are available in different delivery forms such as capsules, powders, gummies, and elixirs to provide their healing properties according to your preferred mode of consumption.


Digital detoxes

The typical day of the modern human revolves around technology: working all day on the computer, scrolling through social media on breaks, and unwinding by watching TV at night.

In this day and age, technology seems to follow us everywhere to the point where it can lead to disruptions in many areas of our lives if we're not careful such as health, relationships, and wellbeing. 

Cue, the digital detox. A digital detox is just that; a detox from all electronics.

This involves setting boundaries around your usage of technology in an effort to unplug, reset, decrease stress, and be more present in your day to day life. This is the perfect time to adopt mindfulness practices instead such as taking a walk outside, meditating, practicing yoga, or any other practice or activity that brings you to the present moment.


Faux Meats

Faux meats, or imitation meats, have become all the rage especially in the vegan community. 

The alternative protein market is witnessing rapid growth as vegan food demand continues to rise globally.

Faux meats are plant-based products that mimic animal foods like burgers, steaks, and sausages prepared from ingredients such as soy, peas, lentils, chickpeas, or jackfruit. However, most of these mock meats on the market are highly processed and filled with additives and preservatives.

Beyond meat is a classic example of an imitation meat in the form of a burger that has taken over the vegan section of the grocery store (and restaurants) by storm.

Though whether or not they are really that healthy for us or the environment is an entirely different conversation and debate. In general, when choosing packaged food products it's best to choose the ones with minimal ingredients and avoid the super long ingredient list.


Alternative menstrual products

Long gone are the days where all you would find in the feminine hygiene section of the grocery store would be tampons and pads. Nowadays we have a wide variety of options available which only keep growing as technology advances.

Alternative period products are not only healthier for women as they avoid the many chemicals found in conventional products, but they are also beneficial for the planet, and your wallet. As a result more sustainable, affordable, and less irritating options have emerged on the market. Examples of alternative menstrual products include the menstrual cup and disc, and period underwear. 


Snackable supplements

Eatable supplements are predicted to evolve beyond the vitamin gummies with options like nutritious chocolate bites, bars, and more.

Supplements are becoming ever more popular among the general population as it's increasingly difficult to obtain everything we need from our diet alone. Not to mention the added stress and poor dietary choices that often make up the Standard North American lifestyle which increases the need for good nutrition.

This is where supplements come in to fill the nutritional gap between what you actually get from your plate and what your body needs.

Now you'll be able to more easily combine food and added nutrition with snackable supplements that are nutrient dense and designed to satisfy both your daily hunger and nutritional needs.


Herbal energy drinks

Herbs of all kinds have made a comeback and since more recently they have introduced themselves into fizzy and refreshing beverages.

Naturally delivering all kinds of nutritional and health benefits, herbs can also support energy levels without the negative side effects like jitters and crashes.

These drinks leave out the common artificial sweeteners and colorings as well as outrageous sugar content that are rampant in classic energy drink options.

Herbal energy drinks can be dervived from plants like green tea, yerba mate, guarana, ginseng, and guayusa that are naturally energizing and may even improve your mood.

Of course energy drinks of any kind should not replace adequate sleep, nutrition, and hydration however opting for low sugar and natural options in moderation can provide a quick boost of energy to power through your day without wearing down your adrenals or contributing to long-term health problems.


Brain training 

Brain health is receiving increased recognition everywhere, including the workplace, as the mental health crisis continues to grow. However, the stigma around mental health has started to lessen and awareness around the importance of it has continued to rise.

Brain training, or brain fitness, refers to a variety of exercises such as physical activity but also creative outlets that help to improve cognition such as writing, painting, or suduko.

Not only that, but modalities such as mindfulness, therapy, and EMDR are becoming more mainstream as more and more people take charge of their mental and emotional health.  

Of course we can't fully address brain health without talking about nutrition, which will also continue to be a focus in terms of supporting cognitive function, mood, and reducing the risk of neurological diseases.


Sleep syncing

A good night's sleep is the new night out, as many of us are looking for ways to feel more rested, naturally.

Sleep syncing involves syncing your morning and bedtime schedule with the rhythm of the sun and moon in order align your circadian rhythm with nature's night and day patterns. By sticking to a regular sleep routine and adopting a bedtime routine that supports your circadian rhythm you not only promote quality sleep but also more energy during your day. This can also affect many other areas of health such as hormones, mood, stress, and digestion.

Apps and devices that help you track your sleep and adjust your routine may also prove helpful and popular as you nail your sleep habits.


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