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AlgaeCal - Plant Calcium Bio-Available calcium, magnesium and trace minerals from ocean algae with vitamin D3 added. AlgaeCal Plant Calcium is: The only calcium complex proven to stop bone density loss The world's only pure plant calcium The world's only certified organic calcium The only algae calcium that is live harvested The only algae calcium that is ecologically harvested The only unbleached algae calcium The only algae calcium with human bone health studies AlgaeCal Plant Calcium stops bone loss promotes strong bone growth. AlgaeCal Plant Calcium is a whole plant food calcium harvested live on the shores of South America and cold processed to retain nutritional value. It naturally contains large quantities of calcium, magnesium, 13 proven bone building minerals and is highly bio-available and pre-digested, which maximizes absorption into the body.

Additional Minerals Found in AlgaeCal Plant Calcium
Boron (from AlgaeCal) 26 ppm Copper (from AlgaeCal) .91 ppm Manganese (from AlgaeCal) 36 ppm Nickel (from AlgaeCal) .082 ppm Phosphorous (from AlgaeCal) 397 ppm Potassium (from AlgaeCal) 426 ppm Silica (from AlgaeCal) 872 ppm Strontium (from AlgaeCal) 1440 ppm Vanadium (from AlgaeCal) 26 ppm Suggested Use: Take 3 capsules daily.

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Customer Reviews

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Karen Henney
Natural Calcium Source

Have been supplementing my diet for last 20 years with Algae Cal! Must absorb well as I am lactose intolerant and have no signs of bone loss

Bernadette L.
AlgaeCal calcium

This calcium is easy on your stomach and nonconstipating. My husband's vertebrae healed in a shorter length of time. I really like it!

Lynda C.
My Purchase of AlgaeCal from Vitasave

Vitasave has saved me a LOT of money. The AlgaeCal arrived safely, quickly and wrapped well . I am more than pleased with the service that Vitasave provided in filling my order.


I am grateful that I heard about this product and am pleased with it. I started out ordering one bottle and after a couple of weeks, knew that I wanted to continue with it, so I ordered 3 more bottles.

Ines P.

Have osteoporosis in my spine, & prone to bachackes. Since taking Algaecal have noticed that I have not been bothered by any backaches.

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