Is Green Juice good for you?

What is Green Juice?

Green Juice refers to any green coloured juice that is typically made from the juice of green vegetables. Though some green juices are exclusively vegetable based, most of the time producers will add fruits to add some sweetness and improve the taste.

You can make your own green juice at home or buy it pre-made in grocery stores, health food stores, and even cafes.

 Is Green Juice a healthy choice?

Green juice is one the most popular health trends in the wellness space. It seems like almost every health influencer has a green juice in hand, but is it actually healthy?

Part of the rising popularity of green juices is due to its association with many health benefits such as weight loss, digestive health, and immunity.

Green juice is mainly made with nutrient dense green vegetables and herbs such as kale, spinach, cilantro, wheatgrass, collard, and swiss chard.

As juice is easier to digest, it can be a good option for those with compromised digestion to help boost their intake of nutrition.

The reality is that the majority of the population is not eating enough vegetables, let alone greens, on a regular basis and green juices can provide a convenient way of bridging the gap that might be missing from the diet. 


The benefits of green juice

Green juices are a good source of essential vitamins and minerals and other beneficial compounds associated with reduced inflammation, heart disease risk, and cognitive decline and improved gut health (1)(2)(3).

Because green juice is a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals, as well as raw enzymes, it can provide a positive modulating effect on the immune system for increased resilience.

Green juice is also a rich source of chlorophyll, a green pigment that gives greens their rich color, but also acts as an antioxidant. Chlorophyll supports natural detoxification pathways in the body as well as digestion, wound healing, and skin health.

Green juice provides nutrients and prebiotics that feed beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract and may help to improve digestive concerns such as constipation.

Because juice removes all or most of the fiber, unlike smoothies, it may be a better option for those with troubled digestion and will less likely cause bloating or discomfort that can be associated with higher fiber foods.

Green juices can be an easy way to boost your nutrient stores and receive your daily intake of green vegetables, especially if you struggle with getting them in your day to day diet.

Choosing a green juice

Though green juices are not a substitute to a balanced and healthy diet, they do represent a convenient way to boost your nutrition status.

The caveat is that many green juices available in stores are high in sugar. Because juicing removes the pulp, without the fiber intact from the whole fruit and vegetable this can raise the blood sugar effect.

This is why many nutritionists recommended opting for vegetable only based green juices or low GI fruits such as green apples and drinking your juice with a blood sugar stabilizing meal.

Many juices on the market are pasteurized in order to prolong their shelf life, however this damages the plant nutrients and enzymes found naturally in the juice.

Always choose fresh pressed juices, not from concentrate, or make your juice yourself to ensure you are receiving all of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes intact. Choosing organic whenever possible is also important because the nutrients are delivered straight into the bloodstream and conventional juices expose the consumer to concentrated amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins found in conventionally grown foods. 

In addition, it can take a lot of fruits and vegetables to make 1 glass of juice which can not only add up to a big grocery bill but also a lot of mess in your kitchen!

Green juice is more of a supplementary addition to your diet and should be consumed in moderation. Looking for the green juice benefits without the hefty price tag or mess? Read below for another alternative!


How to receive the benefits of Green Juice in your daily routine

Maybe you are not a fan of green juices or consuming them regularly is not a viable option for you, but what if you still want to receive all of the benefits they have to offer?

This is why greens powders were created!

Greens powders are dietary supplements that you can mix into water or other liquids for extra nutrition and as an alternative to a green juice.

If you aren't a fan of powders, they are also available in capsule form.

Many plant based powders on the market have additional ingredients including herbs and medicinals such as mushrooms, probiotics, enzymes, prebiotics, and adaptogens for increased health benefits. 

Because many greens powders contain additional nutrients, they represent a well rounded nutritional supplement that can support many health functions including immunity, digestion, energy, weight loss, and more. 

Greens are particularly anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants shown to combat oxidative stress and reduce the risk of associated chronic diseases (4).

Most green powders are certified organic and non GMO however we always recommend checking the label to verify the quality and purity of the product.

Some greens powders may not be recommended for children, and pregnant and breastfeeding women due to potential ingredients that may pose concerns or interactions.

If you are not sure if greens powders are right for you, always verify with your doctor before starting any new supplement.

Again, just like green juices, greens powders don't replace a healthy diet, but they can provide an easy, convenient, and cost effective way to boost your nutrition and enhance overall wellness.



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Laurence Annez is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Health Coach, specializing in PCOS and women's hormones. She also holds a degree in Creative Writing and has extensive experience writing on health and wellness topics. Laurence's mission is to inspire and motivate individuals to take control of their own health and reach their ultimate health goals. 



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